Dec 10, 2018

Minimism Monday

minimism ~ inclination to reduce a dogma to the least possible

You know, the problem with having a busy weekend followed by a day off from babysitting is that Monday tends to feel like Sunday. And you’d think despite spending the day shopping, followed by making the usual big dinner for the daughter and her family Sunday would have felt like Sunday, but nevertheless, this is why today’s post is late.

Not only does today feel like Sunday, I actually slept in this morning. Okay, not so much slept in as lounged in bed for an extra 45 minutes because it’s another grey, miserable day outside today. Plus I’m feeling pretty grey and miserable myself with a sinus infection. Good thing I get to see my doctor this week.

The Christmas shopping, and most of the wrapping, is done. The hubby and I went up to Peterborough (about an hour’s drive north) yesterday and as we were headed from one mall to another I suddenly realized we were supposed to go to Oshawa (about an hour’s drive west) because Peterborough doesn’t have a Toys ‘R Us and we needed to exchange one of the grandbaby’s gifts.

Notice how all our shopping seems to be about an hour’s drive away from here, no matter what direction you take?

The decorating, such as it is, is pretty much done as well. The hubby put lights outside around the windows, and a row of candy canes in the garden. We also have two of those light projectors – one with just green and red lights, the other with green and red candy canes that kind of dance around on the side of the house. I also sprung for a real wreath for the front door – I’ve been wanting one for years.

Inside the house is not quite as festive. One of the pitfalls of the hubby being retired is that he no longer brings home a poinsettia from the office, so I went out and bought my own. And then, on Saturday morning, after much plotting and planning and rearranging of things in the dining room (mostly just getting rid of crap that didn’t need to be in there), I went out and bought a real, live Christmas tree.

I can’t remember the last time I had a real Christmas tree, but I found one that’s small enough to fit on the drop leaf table that divides the living and dining rooms, and as I proved last night we can still all eat at the dining room table. So far I only have the lights on it, but I’ll dig out the rest of the decorations today and post a picture of it next week.

Meanwhile, the other goal today is to get all of the out of town presents in the mail. Well, all except for the ones for my sisters. I ordered theirs online and I haven’t got them yet.

Sorry, sisters! You gifts might be a little late this year.

Dec 3, 2018

Malleiform Monday

malleiform ~ shaped like a hammer

Whew! I did it. I survived another National Writing month. And for my efforts I have another unfinished novel to add to my collection. LOL

So, since I did not have to spend Saturday chained to my lap top frantically writing those last few thousand words, I did what any normal person would do with Christmas just three weeks away, I went shopping.

First I hit the thrift stores where I picked up a couple of Barbies (to go with the small Barbie house I got for free) as a pre-Christmas present for the grandbaby. I also picked up, uh, three ski jackets for myself.

I have a nice winter coat, but it’s not really suitable for when I play in the snow with the grandbaby. So I found a blue, car-coat length one at the thrift store I usually have good luck with coats in, and then I found two more in a different thrift store. I wasn’t really sure if any of them would fit but I figured at least one of them would and I could just donate the others.

Unfortunately, they all fit and they each have their appeal. I like the blue one because it’s easy to move around in and it’s a little longer. I like the beige one because it doesn’t have a hood and it’s a little shorter. And I like the black faux leather one because it’s dressier and it has a hood. Yes. I’m keeping them all.

Continuing my shopping binge, Saturday afternoon the hubby and I drove an hour east to the mall in Belleville to do a little Christmas shopping. Actually, we did a LOT of Christmas shopping. At a rough guess, I’d say we knocked off about two thirds of our Christmas list.

As the hubby pointed out, it was probably the most painless Christmas shopping experience we’ve had … ever. A few things we considered early on and made note of to come back to if we didn’t find something better, and some things we just bought on sight. Surprisingly, the two stores we’ve usually had such good luck with in the past – Winners and Toys ‘R Us – were duds this year. We bought nothing at Winners, and we only bought a couple of things at Toys ‘R Us, one of which was for me. ;-)

Then Sunday while the hubby was at a bowling tournament, I spent the day wrapping what we bought. It took the entire day (minus the amount of time it took to buy more wrapping paper) but it was worth it. No frantic wrapping marathon on Christmas Eve for me!

So how about you? Have you started your Christmas shopping yet?

Nov 19, 2018

Mucorrhoea Monday

mucorrhoea ~ discharge of mucus

Monday, already? Where did my weekend go?

Oh, that’s right. I spent it writing, trying to catch up the 5,000 words I was behind on NaNo. And I didn’t do too badly either, but once again there was no time for doing my blog posts ahead of time.

And then I slept in this morning – something I almost never do. You see, my inner clock and I have an arrangement. I tell it what time I want to get up, and I usually wake up within about 15 minutes of that time. Except for this morning.

I blame the cold pills I’ve been popping. I started getting a wicked bad cold at the end of the week – stuffed head, sore throat – and by Friday you could add watery eyes, coughing and sneezing to the list. So I started taking over the counter cold medicine.

Now the thing about over the counter cold medicine is that it usually comes with some kind of pain killer included – I guess to help with the aches and fever – usually either acetaminophen (wasn’t even close on the correct spelling of that one) or ibuprofen (little closer on that one). In otherwords, either Tylenol or Advil.

I can’t handle Tylenol unless it has codeine in it, so Advil For Cold and Sinus it was (which doesn’t usually make me sleepy but it did this time). Then I treated myself to a pajama day on Saturday so I dozed and wrote, wrote and dozed. Sunday I was feeling better so I sucked it up and did some laundry too. And now, here I am – still stuffed up, still tired but with many words written and clean clothes.

So. . . how was your weekend?

Nov 12, 2018

Muddled Monday

muddle ~ bring into a disordered or confusing state; an untidy and disorganized state or collection

Oh, look – it’s Monday and I don’t have a post for you. There’s a very good reason for that:

Here’s a link if you’d like to learn more about it - NaNoWriMo

And I’m about 4,000 words behind. This is not unusual for me as I usually spend the month of November falling behind and catching up and falling behind again until the very end when I put on a burst of words and trip over the finish line.

This year is a bit more of a struggle than previous years so not only am I not doing a proper post today, I probably won’t do one next Monday either. Just so you know.

In the meantime, I thought you might enjoy one of my favourite things about – NaNo cats!

Nov 5, 2018

Monoculus Monday

monoculus ~ one-eyed person

I hate the time change. I don’t care if I gained an hour of sleep this time, tell it to the cats. Going to bed at “10 o’clock” instead of 11 is fine, but I’m waking up at 5 instead of 6 and as soon as I stir the cats think it’s time to be fed.

Since I’m pretty sure I go off on a rant like this every time the time changes, I’ll spare you this time – you’re welcome – but I don’t make any promises for the spring. LOL

You know how most places get several days of sun or sun and cloud and only a day or two of rain? We’ve been getting unrelenting grey with wind and rain for several weeks now, and if we’re lucky we get a token sunny day in there, but only one.

So what gives? Is it all the hurricane activity to the south? Global warning? An alien plot to drive us all crazy? Inquiring minds want to know!

I tried doing a Google search for answers, but mostly what came up was stuff about the stock market. The most interesting link I found was for a place called Gloomy Lake in Ontario. It’s way over to the west near the border between Ontario and Minnesota.

So then, being easily distracted the way I am, I started searching for information about Gloomy Lake and I have to tell you, there wasn’t much.

Then I got sidetracked by a site that claimed to offer the most depressing places in the world, so naturally I had to take a look at that. And yes, Gloomy Lake was on the list. I think, however, that the places on the list were chosen for their name only because it was filled with things like: Depressed Lake, Sad Lake, Disappointment Island, Unfortunate Cove, Crying Child Island, the Sorrow Islands, Spiteful Geyser. . . you get the idea.

And just so you know, these are all real places – I looked them up. :-D

After wasting way too much time on that (okay, so I had to force myself to stop, but I’m pretty sure I’ll revisit the search at some point) I tried to search out images for Gloomy Lake and again came up empty. There were lots of images, but none of Gloomy Lake itself. I even tried looking up satellite images, but they weren’t helpful either.

Maybe one of these days – like in the summer when we have nothing better to do and a lot of time to waste – the hubby and I can take a road trip to Gloomy Lake so I can take my own pictures. In the meantime, here’s one of the images that came up for my gloomy lake search.

Looks pretty good for a gloomy lake, don’t you think?

Oct 29, 2018

Malacology Monday

malacology ~ study of molluscs

As you might have guessed, it’s been a bad couple of weeks. The dreary-wearies I talked about in my last post morphed into full blown depression, thanks in no small part to the excessive grey, gloomy, dismal weather we’ve been having lately. You know it doesn’t bode well for your mental health when you check the Weather Network and the daily hours of sunshine are reading “one” across the board.

And then I got hit about the head by the bad luck fairy around the middle of last week. If I hadn’t had two full days of babysitting, I’d have just packed my bags and moved some place sunnier, I tell you what! Either that or crawled back into bed and stayed there until spring.

And while we’re at it, let’s throw a little “be careful what you wish for,” in there, shall we? As you may recall, when I was searching for a comfy reading chair for my office I had been lusting after one of those round chairs with lots of pillows (that I’ve since learned are called cuddle chairs). There just wasn’t enough space in my office for a chair like that so I ended up with a wing chair – which is perfect, I might add. But I never got over my desire for a cuddle chair.

For a long time now I’ve been . . . unhappy with my recliner. It’s old and broken and falling apart – the upholstery is letting loose and it doesn’t recline fully. So then I saw a cuddle chair in the Costco we frequent. Yes, it was a little on the big side, but not too big for the space my recliner is in.

I hemmed and hawed and wished about it until the hubby told me if I wanted it I should just go ahead and get it (probably only told me that to shut me up). After hemming and hawing about it for a while longer, I finally placed an order for a cuddle chair online through Costco.

It came on Thursday and with the luck I’d been having it wasn’t really a surprise that the box they pulled off the truck was HUMUNGOUS! Don’t panic, I thought. There’s a hassock and a bunch of cushions in that box too so it’s probably not as big as it looks. Yeah it was. The cushions and hassock fit nicely into the corners of the box and the chair pretty much touched the rest of it on all sides.

I had already cleared out my corner (and vacuumed and swept), and the chair was already put together, so all the hubby and I had to do was wrestle it into its corner (after moving one of the couches to get it in there). It fits – just. And just so you know, it is definitely bigger than the one I saw in the store.

Of course the next problem was where do I put my cup of coffee? Believe it or not, there was actually space on either side of the chair, just not enough for the old tables (although now that I’m sitting here looking at it, there might have been enough for the small wooden one). I tried using the window ledge, which is within reach, but after knocking over a forgotten cup that still had tea in it when I was trying to put a cup of coffee there, I decided that wasn’t such a good idea.

So Saturday I went on a road trip with a friend and we checked out the local thrift stores, then ventured further north to an antique store and a junk shop, but ultimately came home empty handed. Sunday I checked Walmart for a plant stand and had no luck. Then I went to the department store in the mall everyone always forgets about and found a small, white, triangle shaped stand – I think it’s supposed to go on the wall, but it works on the floor just as easily. And it has shelves! It’s a little smaller than I’d been hoping for, but that just means there’s less space for junk to accumulate.

For the other side, where I usually have my water bottle and/or mug for hot beverages, I stole one of the two ‘C’ tables the hubby had on either side of his chair in the basement. This is one of those TV/accent tables made of brass with the glass that sits on it. It’s small and there are no shelves, but it’s the right height and there’s room for a book and drinks on it. Plus there’s a heat vent right under it so the open frame is perfect.

So, while the weather is still dismal, dare I hope my luck is beginning to turn? *knock on wood*

Oct 15, 2018

Melisma Monday

melisma ~ tune; melodic embellishment; ornamentation

I have a bad case of the dreary wearies.

What are the dreary wearies, you ask? It’s from one of the grandbaby’s books called The Pout Pout Fish. The Pout Pout Fish swims around looking sad and his various fish friends all try and get him to cheer up, but every time he answers with:
“I’m a pout pout fish
With a pout pout face
And I spread the dreary wearies
All over the place.
Glub, glub, glub.”
Finally, at the end of the book he’s drifted to the bottom of the sea where he’s lying upside down on a rock and this beautiful silver fish swims over and gives him a kiss. Pout Pout Fish suddenly realizes he’s not a pout pout fish, but a smooch smooch fish and now he spreads smooches all over the place.

Don’t judge! It’s a cute book. LOL

Anyway, now whenever the grandbaby is in a grumpy mood I tell her she’s being a pout pout fish.

I’m kind of like the weather – in between things these days. I have six books stacked up beside my chair in the living room, all partially read, and I don’t feel like reading any of them. I have two novels on the go and don’t feel like writing. I have a bag of yarn a friend gave me as well as a bag of yarn I put together to do a sweater for the grandbaby and don’t feel like knitting or crocheting.

So what do I want to do? That’s the problem. I don’t know.

This tends to happen to me about this time every year. It’s the season of transition where I don’t know what I want to do so I end up doing nothing and then I get a big case of the guilts for not getting anything accomplished.

All I know is, this too shall pass. Hopefully sooner than later. I wouldn’t want to be a pout pout fish forever.