Aug 17, 2009

Ticking Off The List

Nothing gives you a better feeling than being able to tick items off a list. Ticking off, as in done, completed, finished. :-)

After all, what’s the point in making a list in the first place if you can’t tick things off of it? I was thinking about this on Friday while I was trying to come up with a two-paragraph bio for a submission. I kept telling myself that as soon as I finish these two measly paragraphs I can tick this off my list.

Who’d have thought two little paragraphs would be so hard to write? I swear I spent more time sweating over those two paragraphs (that ended up being one paragraph) than I did over the whole submission.

I also started something new and fun just to get me writing. It’s called One Word, So Little Time and you can find it HERE This gives you a one word prompt and 60 seconds to write about it. Every day there’s a new word and I urge everyone to join the fun!


My goals for last week were pretty sad: post something for Friday and finish the new sestina.

What I actually accomplished was: finished the sestina in time for a lengthy post about that poetry form on Thursday, finished and sent my submission to the AW poetry anthology, and started my first ever blog serial on Saturday (I would’ve posted Friday but I didn’t know at that point what I was doing).

I also started a database to keep track of my poetry (and fiction) because I’ve got so much of it out there right now.

Goals for this week:

I guess now that I’ve started the serial I pretty much have to keep it up, so top of the list is chapter 2 in my Space Opera.

I’m pretty sure my poetry group meets this week, which means I’d better get something new written for them.

I’d like to include my daily One Word, but I’m not sure where to put it. Should it go on the side bar? Link to a new blog so other’s can post theirs in a comment? I’ll have to think about it some more but hopefully make a decision by the end of the week.

Create a database to keep track of my books and maybe even start imputing into it.

How's everybody doing with their goals?


Jamie D. said...

Congratulations on meeting your goals last week!! Woohoo!

And yes, now you have to keep up your Space Opera. If nothing else so I can know exactly what a "space opera" is by the time you're done. And because I'm counting on you to tell me the story now! You'll thank me later. ;-)

That "One Word" think sounds pretty darn cool - I'll have to check it out. Like a little daily dose of inspiration. Can't wait to see yours when you figure out where to post them.

Good luck with your goals this week!

C R Ward said...

Check out the links under my picture on the left. I added one called Random Writings - I decided to add a page where I'll post the results from the One Word prompt and another prompt I found.

Benjamin Solah said...

Good luck with your goals.

For the book database, you should register with It's awesome.

My goals? I totally killed two of them today for the month and my weekly word count goal in the process.

C R Ward said...

Wow! Way to go Ben, that's awesome!