May 19, 2010

Hump Day Hunk

Isn't he pretty?

It's such a chore having to hunt up hot men to post here. Really! ;-)


Adam said...

Wonder if he'd like to trade bodies... ;-)


Dolly said...

Not my type, but appreciate the effort Carol ;)

Jamie D. said...

He *is* nice, Carol...very nice. And such a brooding expression... *sigh*

This guy reminds me of a very hot Italian guy I danced with at a bar one night in college. Long black hair like this guy and a very sensual nature I was far to naive to take advantage of back then. He was so sexy, he scared me. LOL

Obviously, I've never forgotten him though, even though I never even got his name... *sigh*

C R Ward said...

Adam: Maybe you'd better check with Rhaina first - she probably loves you just the way you are. :-)

Dolly: Well now you've set me a challenge - I'll have to keep trying until I find your type. :-)

Jamie: Tsk! You should always get their names. ;-)