Dec 14, 2015

Myelic Monday

myelic ~ of, like or pertaining to the spinal cord

I have to admit, this past weekend was far more productive than the last one. At least as far as Christmas goes. We knocked off about 85% of the Christmas shopping on Saturday. I got another 5% done on Sunday. Just a couple of little things left to buy plus two big things.

And be still my heart, I even had everything we bought wrapped on Sunday. And then of course I had to put the tree up so I had someplace to put everything. AND of course the cats "helped" with the wrapping by going after the ribbon. One of them escaped with a piece long enough that we'll have to keep our eye on him for the next couple of days in case it causes him intestinal problems.

One of the presents I got was admittedly for myself. I bought a couple of silicone liners for my cookie sheets. Just think of the aluminum foil we'll save! I can't wait to try them out.

I got as far as taking the butter out of the fridge yesterday, but that was it. Between shopping and wrapping and setting up the tree, I kind of ran out of time. And then I ran out of back. As in my back was hurting from sitting on the floor wrapping presents. Which was a hold-over from yesterdays back ache from being on my feet so long shopping. Advil is my new best friend.

I made another one of those epiphanial discoveries on the weekend. The reason my plans seem to go awry on the weekends (or any other time for that matter) is because I seldom get the timing right. Things always seem to take a lot longer to accomplish than I count on.

Take yesterday, for instance (please!). Yesterday I wanted to return a couple of things we bought Saturday, pick up a couple of things we needed/didn't get, do a progress report on a transcribing project I have on the go, start my Christmas baking, and in the evening maybe get a little sewing in or start on this year's tree ornament.

My day started with an hour on the exercise bike, followed by a shower and breakfast - there goes just about 2 hours. The quick trip to Walmart and Staples turned into a long trip to Walmart (while much to my chagrin I forgot to stop at their McDonald's kiosk for a coffee), then Bulk Barn, then Metro, then Dollarama, then Staples, then Tim Horton's (for a gift card). This made me an hour late for lunch, so bad diabetic that I am I took my pills with a maple pecan danish from Tim's and a coffee. ;-)

By this time I was rather grumpy and my back (which hadn't quite recovered from shopping on Sunday) was hurting again. But I had Christmas presents and wrapping spread out in the living room from the night before and figured I'd better take care of that. Wrapping up took me another 2 or 3 hours. The hubby brought the Christmas tree upstairs for me and I figured that would be the best place to store the presents, but first I needed to put the lights on it.

After stringing the lights, cleaning the wrapping detritus from the living room, and cleaning off the dining room table, it was time to make supper. After taking a couple of Advil for my back, of course. By the time supper was over, I was in serious need of some sit and relax time, which I did. But I did manage to get a little sewing in, and later I finished my progress report.

Anyway, the moral of this sad and pathetic pity party is: when making out a to-do list, remember to leave ample time to do all your projects. :-D

And because I'm starting to feel a little more Christmasy, I'm going to leave you with some Christmas favourites to spread the cheer.

I'll save the serious ones for next week. ;-)

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