Jan 11, 2016

Mogadore Monday

mogadore ~ ribbed silk used in making neckties

So ... with the first week of the new year under my belt, I have to admit I'm not off to an auspicious start. I had a sinus cold hit me around Christmas time and it dragged on through the holidays. The amount of cold medication I was taking made me tired and muzzy-headed and I was unable to focus on pretty much anything. No reading, no writing, no editing ...

Partly because of this, and partly because I was just so busy with other stuff, I completely fell off the healthy lifestyle band wagon. No time to go to the gym, no time (or energy) to ride the bike, too many tempting treats around, portion control went right out the window. Last week was supposed to be my week to get back on track, but my cold sucked all the ambition right out of me.

At the end of last week I finally asked a pharmacist to recommend something, and he sold me a powerful decongestant that seems to be helping. But the new drug brings with it a new set of side effects, one of which insomnia. One extreme to the other. *sigh*

So, which is worse? Being so tired you doze off without warning and when you're awake you're unable to focus, or being unable to sleep which leaves you feeling tired and unable to focus? The jury's still out on that.

But I'm getting fed up with my life being so far off track, so this week I've vowed to fix it. Now as I type this it's Sunday night. The plan was to go to the gym tomorrow and start the ball rolling again. However, after an extremely mild, rainy weekend, we got a flash freeze and the rain turned to ice and snow. So we'll have to see what the morning brings to see whether I get back on track on Monday or Tuesday. :-)

Needless to say, I have not yet started to work towards any of my goals thus far.

Oh, wait! That's not true. I've read one book towards my pledge of 52. So at least that's something, right?

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