Feb 15, 2016

Malacissation Monday

malacissation ~ act of making soft or supple

Another happy day today - President's Day in the U.S., and Family Day here in Canada. But, because this is me we're talking about here, I just can't leave it at that. So I did a little research on why this is a holiday for both countries. :-)

We'll start with President's Day because it's been around longer. Originally, President's Day was Washington's Birthday, started in 1885 and held on the 22nd of February to celebrate the birth of George Washington.

Then I guess the other Presidents started feeling left out because in 1971 it was changed to President's Day and held on the third Monday in February, creating a long weekend. Ironically, none of the President's to date have a birthday falling on this day.

Family Day is a wee bit more complicated, and a whole lot more confusing.

First of all, Family Day has only been around since 2008 and technically only Ontario and Saskatchewan call it Family Day. Not only does it have other names in other provinces, it can also be celebrated on different days. Ready?

Also celebrated on the third Monday in February we have Louis Riel Day in Manitoba, Islander Day in Prince Edward Island, and Heritage Day in Nova Scotia.

On the second Monday in February we have Family Day in British Columbia.

Just to be different, in the Yukon Territories they celebrate Yukon Heritage Day on the third Friday in February.

And if you live in Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, the Northwest Territories, or Nunivak, you're outta luck. Family Day is not recognized in any way, shape or form by the Federal Government, so everybody gets to work.

My condolences to you. ;-)

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