Dec 21, 2016

Christmas Prelude

So ... a week or so ago I made the off hand comment that I'd be posting the occasional Christmas video and it's been brought to my attention that I haven't done so yet. Oops! My bad! But even though I'm knee deep in Christmas baking and crafting, I figure I should get on that. 'Cause you know, Christmas is coming! ;-)

First, I thought I'd start with the traditional tree picture. Aside from the Hello Kitty on the top, the lights, and the two cats jockeying for space underneath it, all the ornaments are hand made. This was a tradition started many years ago by my daughter and I - we'd make a new craft each year and sometimes we'd even make enough to give to friends.

For my first Christmas video, I present the other reason we have hand made, and far less fragile, ornaments:

These others are just for fun. :-)

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