Jan 9, 2017

Moirologist Monday

moirologist ~ mourner for hire

As you may have noticed by the lateness of this post, I’m still not quite up to speed with the new year yet. :-D

Last week was a little ... frustrating for me. I did finish getting things put back together in my office, which required a little shuffling of things and a bit of reorganization. I ended up buying a couple more hanging file holders for the top of my filing cabinet and some of those stackable paper trays, which are not as sturdy as they first appeared.

I did not get the reading nook de-haired, but I did get the pillows washed that I’m going to repurpose into cat beds. I even washed the sweaters I’m going to use. However, drying the pillows took FOREVER. The washing machine was willing to wash them, but the spin cycle didn’t work so great. And honestly? I think a couple of them could use a little more drying time, but I really don’t care. Hopefully they’ll air dry.

With my nice cleaned off and newly organized desk you’d think I’d get lots of work done in the office last week, but sadly that was not the case. The tile guy arrived shortly after 8 a.m. on Tuesday morning, as he did for the rest of the week. And with the bathroom practically across the hall from me, I didn’t feel quite comfortable enough to work at my desk. Although I did get my enormous amount of shredding done.

But the good news is, the tiling in the bathroom is done. The guy did a great job - here’s what it looks like:

Well done Henry! Especially since our walls are a little lop-sided, a fact that wasn’t discovered until he only had the window wall left to do, but which meant he had to painstakingly remove almost an entire wall of tile and redo it.

Here’s another picture showing the tile with the flooring. It’s not the greatest quality picture, but it gives you an idea. The floor looks like tile as well, but it’s wood laminate. And we couldn’t have picked a better match for the tile if we’d been trying to.

Now all that’s left is hooking up the toilet and sink, and cosmetic stuff, like putting up the mirror and sconces, and a thorough cleaning.

It’s getting close ...

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