Dec 11, 2017

Myology Monday

myology ~ study of muscles

This is supposed to be the Great White North, so where’s our snow?

Oh, I know there are other people complaining about the white stuff already, but so far all we’ve had is a trace amount. A few flakes that could be mistaken for dirt on my glasses. An almost dusting that was quickly blown away by the wind.


Christmas just isn’t Christmas without snow, and we’ve had way too many green Christmases over the last few years. But at least I have the tree up, and that helps (although I can’t help wishing it was a real one).

The daughter had a work thing Thursday night, so before she dropped the grandbaby off, I pulled out our Christmas tree so she could decorate it. Unfortunately, half the lights weren’t working but she didn’t care, she was thrilled anyway.

Notice the decorations only go halfway up, and the precision with which she would put several ornaments on the same branch.

The main thing is she had fun, and it kept her out of trouble for the evening. The tree stayed like that until I got some replacement lights, and then Saturday night I had to un-decorate it to put the new lights on, then decorate it again.

Being just shy of three, I don’t think she really noticed that the tree was not as she’d left it. When she was here for dinner last night her only comment was, “Where are the presents?” LOL

I remember when I was little we always had a real tree. My father’s job was to put the lights on it, my sisters and I would put the paper thin glass balls on it, and Mom was in charge of the icicles. Anyone remember Christmas tree icicles? Thin strips of foil that would fall apart if you looked at them wrong? Mom put them on one at a time and had such a light touch with them we used the same ones year after year.

The ornaments on my tree are all handmade - mostly by the daughter and I when she was little. It was something of a tradition that each year we’d make a new set of ornaments for the tree. I think it started because we have cats and I didn’t want broken ornaments if they knocked the tree over. And strangely enough, I don’t recall this ever happening.

When I was out for coffee with a friend Saturday morning, I made her take me down to the ecology garden to collect milkweed pods. These will be used in the making of this year’s ornament. Just as soon as I find my glue gun and spray paint. ;-)

Is your tree up yet? And is it a real one, or artificial?

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