Jun 17, 2019

Mucid Monday

mucid ~ mouldy; musty

Oh the weather outside is frightful,
Closed windows are so delightful
The summer’s coming really slow
And it feels like it maybe might snow.

Seriously! It’s the middle of June – why am I not complaining about the heat and the humidity? I’m still wearing socks and shoes, and heavy jeans, and long sleeved shirts. And I’m wearing a jacket when I go out, at least in the morning.

The hubby has been wearing shorts and a tee-shirt (and freezing his butt off) while working outside, but I noticed my next door neighbor was wearing track pants and a sweat shirt while working in her garden yesterday morning. Usually at this time of year she's out there gardening in her bathing suit.

So far this month has been cold and wet and drizzly. The water has been epically high in Lake Ontario, although it was supposed to have peaked on the weekend. The beach is still mostly under water which begs the question, what’s going to happen to the Waterfront Festival?

Every year for the July 1st weekend our town throws a three day fair down along the waterfront – music, crafts, a midway . . . We get tons of out-of-towners come to help us celebrate Canada’s birthday.

One of the main attractions is our large, sandy beach. This is what the beach looked like yesterday morning:

Not very appealing, is it?

We have two weeks for the water to recede so we can reclaim our beach. It’s anyone’s guess if we’ll make it.

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