Aug 5, 2019

Morkin Monday

morkin ~ animal that has died by accident

The romantic notion of having my own vegetable garden has been quickly deflated. Gardens are a lot of work! It’s not just the weeding – it actually hasn’t been bad for weeds now that everything’s filled in – but I’m having to pick the beans every couple of days and I’m having trouble judging when the peas should be picked – too soon and you’ve basically got pea pods, too late and the peas are big and bitter.

But I have to admit, it felt good getting the first batch of green beans done up for the freezer. And I’m pretty sure we’ll enjoy them during the winter. My neighbour showed me what to look for to see how many pumpkins I’m going to end up with. So far . . . one. All those blooms and only one is going to turn into a pumpkin. *sigh* And that’s only if this little guy:

leaves it alone. He’s already taken care of the squash blossoms on one of the plants, so it’s doubtful I’ll get any squash. But fortunately my neighbour looks like she’s going to have a bumper crop again, and she likes to share.

You might take note of the vines growing through the fence – even they have squash starting under their blooms. And tradition dictates that whatever grows through the fence is mine. LOL

Over the years the neighbours rotate their “crops.” In the past I’ve had enough green beans and peas growing through the fence to freeze, and one year it was cucumbers. I can’t talk her into growing zucchini though, so I guess I’ll have to plant my own next year. Meanwhile I’ll need to look up some recipes to use the butternut squash in.

I can’t wait for the fall to make vegetable soup with my own vegetables!

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