Sep 28, 2009

Rainy Days and Mondays . . .

Bah! I’m sitting here looking out my office window and the wind and rain are making it so dark that I have to have the light on to see what I’m doing. Could be worse, the power could be out like it is in the West end of town, or it could have rained yesterday while the BFF and I were at Word on the Street, which is an open air Literary festival held in Queen’s Park in Toronto.

To read more about our adventures in Toronto, go HERE

Is it just me or did last week fly by at warp speed? Every time I turned around I seemed to be down to the wire for something. First it was Tuesday, when I had to get a poem finished for my poetry group. Inspiration didn’t strike until just before supper, so I was composing while eating and printing while getting my shoes on to go.

Wednesday I found the poem for the Ottava Rima post particularly elusive, and then Thursday, just when I thought I could catch some slack, my turn for the blog chain came up so I had to get something written for that. The only thing that didn’t catch me by surprise was the chapter for Space Opera, which was all ready to go.

I wonder how much of a difference it will make now that I’m back to afternoon classes this week?


Last week’s goals were: serial and extra chapters, Ottava Rima, poemwork, poems for extra poetry posts, submission to poetry anthology, keep up with my journaling, book review, keep up to date with my writing for my writing prompt blog and reading

Did not get any extra chapters written for my serial. In fact, one may even say I regressed because I used the spare chapter I had for last week’s installment.

Poetry: got the Ottava Rima done, started the poems for the extra poetry posts, and submitted my poems for my poetry group’s anthology, although I waited until the eleventh hour to do it.

Fell off my journaling about half way through the week - I’m not really sure what happened there.

Did my writing prompts two whole days in a row :-)

Read a book and even posted a review about it this morning.

This Week’s Goals:

This week’s poetry goal is to finish the two poems I started for the extra posts and this week’s poetry form will be the Dorsimbra, which I may live to regret. :-)

Make a concentrated effort to keep up with my journal and my writing prompts.

Get that book review post ready for the book review blog chain - I know what book I’m doing, I just need to get it done.

Read at least one new book a week. No more buying books until I have at least one of my “to be read” shelves cleared off. And what I mean by one shelf is one row on one shelf - most of my shelves are doubled up now.

And did I mention we start PowerPoint at school this week and were told there'd be lots of assignments and a project due next week?

So how's your week shaping up?

Edited to add: Oops! Work on Space Opera - This week's chapter plus an extra one. :-)


Jamie D. said...

Yes, last week did fly right by. So fast I feel like I missed it! You're not alone...

Good luck with this week's goals. Mine are shaping up to be daunting, but such is the whole month of October for me. Just gotta hang on for the ride!

Dolly said...

I don't care about the week, but the weekend seems to fly by. Okay, I should care about the week, but I don't because I have to work. :P

Good luck with this week's goals. Pretty impressive list.

Benjamin Solah said...

Love rainy days like the one you describe. And glad to hear you're getting some reading done.

I got a fair bit of reading done on the weekend. Amazing what no internet can compel you to do.