Nov 23, 2009

Maligner's Monday

What a week. The harder I worked, the behinder I got. :-)

That sinus infection is hanging on tooth and nail and last week it was causing me a lot of grief, namely, in the form of migraines. Hopefully if I keep taking my sinus medicine I’ll stay on top of it this week.

I also had a crisis of faith with my Nano story, but I finally got over myself and I’m back to being confident of a Nano win. It helped that I got a package in the mail from the Offices of Light that contained my writing machine T-shirt and my author’s travel mug. :-)

Besides working (rather sporadically) on my Nano novel, I also got my next Deadly Sins post up, and did a virtues quiz for Whimsical Wednesday. Thursday had the Japanese poetry form, Choka, and Friday was Chapter 14 of my Space Opera.

In addition, I managed three assignments for Business Communications, a PowerPoint presentation on the subject of videoconferencing (which I presented on Thursday) and had an exam on Friday.


Continue catching up on my Nano - I guess that pretty much goes without saying. :-)

This week’s sin is the Sin of Lust.

Our poetry form this week is the Villanelle, another one of those insane French forms.

And Friday, of course, will be the next chapter in my Space Opera.

This week I’m writing without a safety net. None of my posts are pre-written, not even my poem.

I'll also probably post another Nano excerpt on my Writings blog. In case you missed the first two, you can check them out HERE and HERE . I've listed them here in the order they appear in the novel, not the order I posted them on the blog.

As well, I have a poem to write for my poetry group Tuesday night, and I’m starting Microsoft Project at school, so I’m sure there’ll be an assignment or two for that.

So, how did your week go?

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