Nov 2, 2009

Medicated Monday

Looks like I’m going to have to break down and have my lap top looked at. I cannot access any of my e-mails, can barely get blogs to load, let alone comment on them, and am totally unable to access the AW forum or the NaNo website. In fact, I came to school early today to get this post done.

I have spent the weekend doped up on Benylin because the stupid cow who sits behind was so sick the instructor finally insisted she go home (she refused when he “suggested” she’d be better at home two days before) and the other stupid cow who sits beside the door kept closing it to keep all those germs inside the classroom. Grrr!

If you’re sick, stay home people! The thing that really gets me is that A, the school instituted a policy that if you miss classes because of illness it won’t count against you, and B, this woman is the first one who would complain if someone else came to school even slightly sniffly. /rant

NaNo was off and running on the weekend. Not only am I going to attempt (note the emphasis is on attempt) NaNo this year, I’m going to do it in WORD.

Yeah, I know. Most of you are looking puzzled right now and asking, “What? ” Here’s the thing. Every since I was forced to buy my first upgrade from Microsoft, I’ve been anti all things MS, especially Word. I use Corel Word Perfect to write in.

However, since taking the course in Word in school, I find myself drawn more and more to Word for writing, rather than Word Perfect.

Okay, enough of my rambling. On to the good stuff.


Last week’s goals were: finish poems for November, poetry form of Sedoka, posts done ahead for Random Tuesdays, start writing in new journal, switch Random Writings site to encompass my NaNo progress, try and get extra chapters done on Space Opera.

I have all but one poem for this month finished, and it’s my own fault for not getting the fourth one done because I kept changing my mind as to what forms were going to be featured this month.

Have started writing in the new journal. This is not an every day thing, more of a ‘when the spirit moves me’ thing.

Started using my Random Writings site for my NaNo progress – haven’t updated it yet today ‘cause I forgot to check my word count last night and, of course, my novel is on my computer at home. I do have a picture of my hero and a picture of my book cover up there though.

Saturday night I was a writing machine! Not only did I get a good start on NaNo (after midnight of course) I got a couple of extra chapters done on my serial. It would have been so nice to keep up the momentum on Sunday, but unfortunately a friend in need took precedence.

Goals for this Week

All things NaNo! I’ve made a good start on my NaNo novel, I want to keep up the momentum. I would like to be ahead of the game by the weekend because I have a wedding to go to this Saturday. Now that the characters are coming to life on the page, they’re acting a little differently from what they were in my head, but I guess that’s to be expected.

Read for at least an hour every night. Woman cannot live by writing alone. No matter how well the writing is going I need to take a break once in a while and reading seems like the perfect solution.

Starting a new series on Random Tuesday about the seven deadly sins versus the seven heavenly virtues. As you might guess, this will be a seven part series. 

Continue writing ahead in my serial. I’m about halfway done chapter 15 and would like to keep going while I’ve got some momentum. I’m kind of disappointed that my timing is off by one week. This week’s chapter will be number 13 – it would have been so cool to post chapter 13 on Friday the 13th!

Get my computer/internet fixed!

There’s my week in a nutshell. Any other nuts out there that would like to share?


Jamie D. said...

Wow, look at you go! You're a writing machine...well done!

So sorry to hear about your computer though, and your not feeling well. That just sucks, for both. I hope both you and the computer are feeling better soon.

Good goals for this week - I'm looking forward to the Random Tuesday series...sounds interesting!

I've got too much on my plate again, as usual, but no one should really be surprised about that.

erica m. chapman said...

Bummer about the computer and the sniffles. I HATE when people show up to work/school sick! Stay home people :)

Looks like you are doing great with your NaNo!! Woo Hoo! Random Tuesday does sound interesting :)

Going to be busy this week for all of us eh?