Apr 12, 2010

Mantic Monday

mantic of, like or pertaining to divination; prophetic; divinely inspired

My normal routine is to figure out my weekly goals while watching True Blood on Sunday nights. It occurred to me during the week that I might be better served by figuring out the coming week’s goals on Friday night, while watching Stargate Universe, leaving me free to get a jump start on my posts over the weekend.

*sigh* It was good in theory. In practice I was too busy sweating over my entry for the Behind the Headlines Blogfest to worry about my goals. My story was much more difficult than I’d first envisioned, and I didn’t get the actual post up until Saturday (you can read it here if you care to.)

I also spent part of Saturday downloading a trial version of Office 2007 (it took several tries). This buys me a couple of months to save up for a copy of my own, and in the meantime I was able to get some work done on both Saturday and Sunday.

I met all my blogging goals last week, although I fell a bit behind on my blog reading and commenting. And this was despite going to a Scribe’s meeting one night and the movies another night. I just wish I’d managed to get some other writing or editing in as well. This was one of the reasons I started thinking about working on goals at the beginning instead of the end of the weekend. Oh well, maybe next week.

This Week:
Tuesday: Part XI of the Fortune Telling Series will be Pyromancy.
Wednesday: Will be going back to the cats and dogs for something humourous.
Thursday: The Passion for Poetry this week is the poetry form of the Quatern.
Friday: Chapter 35 of Space Opera. Just how much are things going to change between Chaney and Nekeisha? And where’s E.Z.?

Elsewhere in my week:

Other than having to drive to a nearby city tonight, my nights are pretty much free this week. Hopefully this will translate into more writing/editing time between blog posts. Why do I feel like I’m forgetting something? :-)

So, blogoverse, that’s what’s ahead in my week. How about you?

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Jamie D. said...

Great minds think alike, Carol...though I'm going drastic, and cutting two blog posts per week. I'm getting selfish with my time - and anxious about my self-imposed revision deadline.

I'm dying to know what happened to E.Z. I have my suspicions, but will be anxiously waiting for Friday's installment. ;-)

I hope the job's going well, and wish you many new words this week...