Dec 20, 2010

Merry Monday

merry ~ full of cheerfulness or gaiety; joyous in disposition or spirit

I was a bad blogger last week. Although I got my posts written and up on time I didn’t spend too much time checking out other people’s posts and even less time commenting. My apologies to those I missed. To be honest, I wasn’t on the internet much at all.

I got the tree up Wednesday and started to put the lights on it, only two of the sets weren’t working. Thursday we found a couple more sets in another box, but only one of them worked. So Saturday when we were out shopping I picked up a new set and there were finally enough lights on the tree to make me happy. The rest of the decorations went on last night.

I got the out-of-town presents in the mail and the gifts baskets made up for in-town friends. No cookies or hand-made decorations this year I’m afraid.

Didn’t get much writing or editing done, although I did have an idea for a weird short story pop into my head and I just might have to write down.

So what the heck was I doing with my time last week? I did some contract work at another office, and . . . went on a reading binge. Finished a couple of books I had started a while back, read three Harlequin Blazes, read the new Lynsay Sands book, and read a Lori Handeland book that I’ve had for a while. Next up is the suspense/thriller Night Fall, by Nelson DeMille

I think Harlequin needs to hire me as an editor. Two of the Blaze books I read had editorial errors in them. The first had the guy removing his boxers before he unzipped his pants and the second had a woman putting on a white robe but taking off a black one.

On my Other Blog I’ve been posting Christmas Carols that I feel are indicative of my Christmas spirit this year. In other words, Christmas parodies. :-) Check them out, they’re pretty funny.

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: This week’s installment of my series on superstition will be about Christmas superstitions. This will be the second last post in the series.

Wednesday: Another Christmasy Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: Part VIII of my Famous Poets series will feature Clement Clarke Moore, the author of A Visit From St. Nicholas.

Friday: Chapter 3 of Fire. Let’s see if I can get the post up on time two weeks in a row. ;-)

Elsewhere in my week:

My poetry group is meeting Tuesday night – I need to write a poem with a refrain (that was our ‘poemwork’ from the last meeting). This being the Christmas season and all, I might even indulge in a glass of wine instead of my usual tea – one of the advantages of meeting upstairs in a pub.

I have three more days of work at the editorial development house and one of those days the boss is taking us out for a Christmas lunch.

I seem to be easing up slightly on the reading so hopefully I’ll get something other than my blog posts written this week. If nothing else, I want to get back into the edits on Forever and For Always.

Maybe I’ll bake some gingerbread – my baking nod to Christmas. It goes really good with Chai tea. :-)

And that’s about it for my week before Christmas. What are your plans for Christmas? Do you have all your shopping done? Bracing yourself for a big family get-together or spending a quiet Christmas?


Jennifer Shirk said...

You got a lot reading done. That's awesome!
And wow, maybe you should apply as Harelquin editor. LOL

C R Ward said...

I've also caught mistakes in a few books from the Silhouette Noctourne series. :-)