Apr 4, 2011

Milquetoast Monday

milquetoast ~ very timid; unassertive person

I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s April. March really kicked my butt so April’s bound to be better, right? Right? Please someone agree with me!

April’s’s going to be busy, that’s for sure. On my other blog I signed up for the A to Z blogging challenge. In a nutshell over 1200 bloggers agreed to write a post each day, sans Sundays, following the letters of the alphabet. So far I’ve visited 300 other blogs that are participating.

The yard was still too wet to do any raking (especially since the husband was draining water off the tarp on the pool) so Saturday I did some indoor gardening. It started out with me planting seeds for a cat garden in a small window box planter, and ended with full-fledged clipping and repotting for four hours. I must admit my plants look happier, although the cats are a little upset because I moved their favourite plant to chew on up where they can’t reach it. I’m running out of high places for plants. :-)

I didn’t get a lot of extra writing done last week, but I did get some reading done. Last week was a bad week for migraines, and because my stupid optometrist didn’t prescribe transition lenses on my glasses like I asked her to, the computer is too bright to look at for long when I’ve got a migraine. And in between migraines I was sleeping way too much from the medication I was taking for them.

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: The poll is closed. Check back tomorrow to see what the new series is.:-)

Wednesday: Another Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: The poetry form this week will be the Diminished Hexaverse.

Friday: Chapter 18 of Fire. So, was Rayne about to spill her secret? And who does that voice in the dark belong to?

Elsewhere in my week:

I spent Sunday trying to come up with an alphabetical list of choices for the challenge (it started Friday so I’ve already got two days under my belt). And of course I could just pick a random word for each day. No, I had to decide the theme my challenge around writing. So each post is about some aspect of writing. This week I’d like to try and get some of those posts written ahead of time.

I have a meeting of the Scribes tonight, and yes, I still have to get my 150 words written for that. I believe our prompt was “your earliest memory.”

Still haven’t got the taxes done. *sigh* I’ll seriously think about doing them this week. ;-)

Other than the above goals I’ll be editing and writing, writing and editing this week. How about you? What are you up to these days?


Nofretiri said...

Oh Carol,

of course, there's absolutely no doubt about the question, that April is going to be much better than March! It's no longer winter, it's spring. Everythings is becoming fresh and green and the first flowers are blossoming, the whole nature awakes and renews itself ... and with it, we also! :-)

Big-hug, take care & all the best!


C R Ward said...

Aw, thanks Karin!