Aug 1, 2011

Moulin Monday

moulin ~ shaft in a glacier caused by water running down a crack

First off, congratulations to Jamie DeBree on the release of her third novel, The Biker’s Wench! If you like action and adventure along with hot romance, you won’t want to miss The Biker’s Wench. It’s a steal at only .99 cents for the e-version. And $7.99 will get you a signed paperback plus the e-version. Click on Jamie’s name to learn more about her and all her other projects, and click on the book title to go purchase your copy of the The Biker’s Wench today.

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Remember how last week I mentioned I was up to level 190 on MSN Patchworkz!? Yeah, well, I’m up to level 502 now. Does that give you a hint as to how much other stuff I got done last week?

*sigh* I think it’s time to go cold turkey on Patchworks!

I also read a bit more than usual last week – mostly on George. Normally I’m a very organized person, but when it came to downloading books onto my Kindle I just went to Amazon and, after I ran out of money, started downloading pretty much anything free that caught my eye. It wasn’t until after I had about 300 books on George that I started creating categories. Can we say, d’oh! ? So, I’m doing things backwards now and putting books in categories as I read them.

I have to admit, I’m reading a much broader selection of books: young adult, paranormal, romance, thrillers, fantasy . . . a lot of times I don’t know what kind of book it’s going to be until I start reading, so it’s a surprise every time. My only complaint about e-reading is that you can’t flip to the end to see how it turns out. Well, you can, but it’s a pain in the butt and not worth the trouble. ;-)

This Week’s Schedule:

Tuesday: Part three of The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. This week’s wonder is the Brooklyn Bridge.

Wednesday: Another hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: This week’s poetry form is the Welsh form of Clogyrnach.

Friday: Chapter 35 of Fire. What’s Pyre going to do now that he’s face to face with an Ilezie?

Random Thoughts

Today: No rant today, I think I’m mellowing out with all this nice, summer weather. Instead you’re getting something humorous that’ll make you stop and think.

Wednesday: Chapter 12 of my on-line serial Shades of Errol Flynn. So here’s Jessica, in her costume, stuck walking home. Will she still take part in Howard’s experiment?

Saturday: Grappling With Grammar – part two of The Sentence.

Elsewhere in my week:

I am determined to climb down off that fence I’ve been sitting on when it comes to my next WIP. I picked two of them actually. The first is the one I abandoned a few months ago – Forever and For Always. Yeah, it’s set in space, but there’s only a couple of gaping plot holes to fill and then it just needs editing. It’s conceivable to have it finished and out before Christmas. The second is something brand new – a contemporary/fantasy/humorous/romance/adventure that I had an idea for a while back but never did anything with. It has no title at present, not even a working one. I think the main characters have names though – I’ll have to check my notes.

I got my poetry organized last week and printed out the forms I didn’t have as a hard copy in my big binder or poetry. This week I am going to start the selection process for choosing poems to publish in a chapbook for my September reading. Maybe even two chapbooks.

Teach Dante (one of my cats) that sitting on my legs while meowing and swatting me is not going to encourage me to get up and feed him. Especially when he does this an hour or two before my alarm goes off in the morning.

Set daily goals for myself and draw up a schedule to help me achieve them.

And that’s pretty much it for my week. How about you? Have you got anything interesting awaiting you this week?

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