Dec 5, 2011

Macroscian Monday

macroscian ~ one with a long shadow; one who inhabits polar regions

So . . . the big news for last week is that I won the NaNo challenge for the 4th year running. This means I now have four unedited NaNo drafts sitting on my hard drive. Or maybe that should be USB key – I don’t trust my lap top enough to leave the only copy on its hard drive. I think next year my NaNo should consist of 30 days of straight editing. :-)

Imagine my surprise when I look back over last month and realize that despite NaNo I got all my blog posts written and up in time. Of course I wasn’t doing my Tuesday non-fiction series, and the poetry’s on hiatus, but still . . . Okay, I was pretty late with last week’s instalment of Shades of Errol Flynn, but it did get up there eventually. And I was pretty much in a hermit’s cave as far as the social networks went so when it was time to emerge from the cave it was pretty much: “Where’d everybody go?” Hmm, maybe getting a handful of blog posts done wasn’t that great of an accomplishment after all.

I still have the Super Mega Death Cold From Hell. Doesn’t seem to matter whether or not I take cold medicine for it, so I only take it before bed now so I can sleep.

And I have no hat yet (you know, my reward for completing NaNo). I went shopping for one yesterday, but the only store to the East of where I live that might have had it, is gone now. *sigh* So this week my search will take me to the West. And if all else fails I can order my hat on-line.

What’s On For This Week:

Something different for this week, I’ve scheduled in a couple of author’s interviews.

Tuesday: Author’s interview with Heidi Sutherlin.

Wednesday: Another hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. And in keeping with the spirit of the holidays, the next few hunks will be Christmas themed. ;-)

Thursday: Author’s interview with Jamie DeBree

Friday: Chapter 52 of Fire. You know, having Pyre blow up the planet is a legitimate option. Just sayin’. ;-)

Random Thoughts

Monday: Part 6 of the parts of speech. This week it’s the Conjunction.

Wednesday: Chapter 30 of Shades of Errol Flynn. Okay, Jessica made it onto the horse. The question is, will she be able to stay on it? :-)

Friday: NaNo’s over people, so no more excerpts. Instead I’ll be posting some of my favourite Christmas songs to show I’m not really the scrooge I pretend to be.

Also this week:

The new prompt is still up over at Rattles Flash Fiction. The deadline has been extended to January so you have plenty of time to come up with your thousand words for The Old Sofa. I finally got an idea for it myself so I’ll be working away on it this week.

The previous two anthologies are now available in print as well as e-format. At the Water’s Edge is available through Brazen Snake Books, Amazon, , Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. As well, you can find In A Dark Place at Brazen Snake Books, Amazon, Smashwords, and Barnes & Noble. The electronic version is only .99 cents while the print version is only $5.99 (+1.25 shipping & handling). Pick up your copies today if you’re looking for some inspiration or just a good read.

I still need to come up with some kind of schedule for myself. Now that it’s post NaNo I can start by writing down what I do all day, when I do it, and how long I spend doing it. Sort of like keeping a food diary when you’re dieting. Then on the weekend I can map out some kind of schedule and hopefully get more accomplished during the day so I can have my evenings free for social networking, reading, and maybe the odd craft or two.

There’s still a bit of work to do on my NaNo novel and I’d like to continue to plug away at it this week. I had to skip over a couple of parts because they weren’t coming to me fast enough and I’d really like to mark this story as finished (except for the editing).

And that’s pretty much my week ahead. How about you? What will you be up to?


Tara Tyler said...

i miss ya!
congrats on nano! i might do it next year...
cant believe ch 52 this week. thats a year, ya know!

C R Ward said...

LOL Yup, time to wrap this story up and start a new one.