Jul 9, 2012

Maquette Monday

maquette ~ small model of something to be made on a larger scale

So . . . just when I thought I could call the OTF project done, I had a couple of days worth of going through the transcripts to decipher some of the less . . . understandable words/passages, but with the help of my son in law and my husband we pretty much figured out what everyone was saying. Then I had to go through and double check everything, which meant listening to the recordings whilst reading the hard copy. Interesting, to be sure, but very time consuming.

This week I have one more batch of read-throughs to do, type out the tables of contents, and then print the hard copies and CD covers. Oh, and cross your fingers for me that I get permission from the Governor General to use the joint operations group badge for the covers. There are sites where I can purchase a reasonable facsimile, but I'd much rather use the real deal. It looks nicer too.

Oh, and my printer? The hubby carried it out to the dining room table last week (it weighs a ton) so I could get at it to clean it. I opened every orifice it had and swabbed, brushed, and polished, then put it back together and he put it back in my office for me to test it out. I no longer have smudging along the left side of my pages. Instead I now have smudging along the right hand side. *sigh* I should have left well enough alone. No one would have seen the smudging on the left because that's the edge that will be bound. If the smudging doesn't go away during the printing process, I'll have to get the books trimmed after they're bound.

Whether you were a Canadian or an American you had a day off last week. I hope everyone made good use of it. Myself, I was under the weather on Monday, so I didn't really get to enjoy the peace and quiet after my company left. I was sick a day and a half this week too, and the heat didn't help at all.

I've been seeing news bits on TV about how the unseasonably warm temperatures have accelerated the crops, and I have to agree with that. My next door neighbour has a bumper crop of green beans which she's very generous about sharing. I love fresh green beans, but we've had them with supper for three nights in a row now.

This week is going to be another short week as far as posts go, I'm afraid. Still too much other stuff on my plate right now. Besides getting the OTF project printed, sealed, and delivered, I have a book I'm editing that I vow to get finished ASAP. It just needs one more read through (because I'm anal about things like that), then it's back to the author. And whether I've got time for it or not I need to weed my gardens - what's the point in planting flowers if they just get choked out by the weeds? There's a few other things I keep forgetting about . . . I really need to make a list.

Oh, one of the things I need to do is make time to read a book that was sent to me for review. It's a non-fiction about crows, which is rather timely because I have a family of crows that comes to visit on a regular basis for peanuts. Actually, one of the blue jays starts caterwauling and when I come out with the peanuts he flies away and the crows swoop in before he comes back. I'm going to go broke feeding all my little forest creatures. :-)

What’s Up This Week: The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On Random Thoughts and Random Writings I am taking a break . . . still. Hey, it's summer and I'm entitled! :-P

Wednesday (on Random Writings) Chapter Fifty-nine of Shades of Errol Flynn. Are you beginning to think this is the serial that never ends? Well it is fantasy, and fantasy tends to run longer. On Random Thoughts there’ll be a new hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday we have Chapter Twenty-four of Water (on Random Thoughts) where we see a little more of Ravi's training as an Elemental.

Friday Sorry folks, I'm still on holidays here as well. I have some ideas for poetry and flash fiction, just no time to write them down.

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