Jul 17, 2012

Time For a Poll

As I said yesterday, I'm pretty undecided about what series to try next on this blog. So, I'm putting up a poll to let you help me decide. :-)

In the interest of encouraging you to make an informed decision, I am including a description of each of your choices. The poll will be open for a week and I'll let you know the results on Monday.

Good Fairies/Bad Fairies
This will be loosely based on the book by Brian Froud, which I just happen to have a copy of. While I'll be using the book as a guide, I'll be widening the scope of my research to include other books, articles, etc.

Gods and Goddesses
This might be a tricky one. I'd like to skip over the major gods and goddesses and focus more on the little known deities from a variety of mythologies.

Man, Myth and Magic
This would be a hodge podge of the weird and wonderful.

Mysteries of the Unknown
This would be just what it sounds like. Each week I'd feature a different unsolved mystery. Who knows, maybe it will spark a creative idea.

The Zodiac
Have I really not done this already? How terribly remiss of me! Each week I'll focus on a different sign of the Zodiac. Hey baby, what's your sign? ;-)

Cheeses of the World
So, yeah. This one is my husband's idea and I like to humour him sometimes, so here it is. Each week I'll explore a different kind of cheese - how it's made, what it's used for . . . You'd be surprised how many kinds there are out there.

So there you have it. Like I say, the poll will be open for the week, so don't forget to vote. And as you can see, blogger wouldn't let me have six choices on my poll, so I had to put two polls instead. It ain't pretty, but it works. :-)

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