Jan 20, 2014

Maraging Monday

maraging ~ process by which alloy is slowly cooled in the air

So, guess what I was up to this weekend? Ah, you guessed! LOL

It's about time, eh? I've only been talking about giving the blog a face lift for a few years now. And I keep threatening to make changes but I never do. It's not done yet, of course. I've got at least one more page tab to add at the top and I'll probably be playing around with the widgets on the sidebar for a while.

So what do you think? And before you answer, bear in mind I spent pretty much my whole weekend working on it. The book page took forever because I had to hunt down each and every link and then the cover art for the anthologies. That's a lot of hunting. :-)

And credit must also go to the oh-so-talented Jamie DeBree for my beautiful new banner. See that castle at the end of the road? That's the castle from the cover of Magical Misfire, and she put it there for me.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

I was almost done with the sinus cold . . . Being the nice person I am I kindly gave it to my husband, but he gave it right back to me.

The weather's been pretty grey and gloomy, and it's slowly been getting colder. We had quite the respectable blizzard yesterday . . . I don't think there was as much snow as there appeared to be because the strong wind pretty much kept it in motion.

Got the three stories I was editing done and back to their author. That was a really nice feeling of accomplishment. Too bad that feeling didn't extend to getting some of my own stuff done. ;-)

Blog Stuff
Wednesday: I actually have an idea for this week's Wildcard. But you'll have to wait until Wednesday to read it. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter seven of my new draft serial, Earth - book IV of the Ardraci Elementals.
Friday: What I'm reading.

Other Stuff
This week is going to be a busy week for me. And doesn't it just figure that most of the action will be taking place outside of the home - we're supposed to be back in the deep freeze this week. *sigh*

One of my outings is driving someone to a medical appointment in Kingston on Wednesday, which gives me the opportunity to pick up the wool I need to finish the kid's afghan. Not only am I out of the medium brown, I was working on it last week and had just enough of the cream to finish the row I was working on. I swear there wasn't even a foot length of the yarn left over. I'm also getting low on the other two colours.

This also gives me the opportunity to pick up what I need to get that last Christmas present finished, which will make my sister very happy. I guess the snail mail I'm supposed to include will have to be an extra long one to make up for my tardiness. :-)

And once again I'm hopeful that it will be full steam ahead on the edits/rewrites of Water. I'm really getting impatient to get it done and out to my readers. Then it's back to work on other things. Just what, I have no idea.


Jamie D. said...

Love the new look! Though we should put your name/tag line *on* your banner, and then it'll be all spiffy-looking. ;-)

Excellent revamp...here's to the start of a very productive week, eh?

C R Ward said...

I actually created a couple of banners with my name on it, but I also like the purple at the top. LOL

That's probably one of the things I'll be playing around with this week. :-)