Jan 27, 2014

Motatory Monday

motatory ~ continually moving

Last week did not go as planned. But then what in my life ever does, eh?

The week started out on a high note - the weather was bright and sunny, although extremely cold, and my blood sugar was downright normal. And when I say it was cold, I'm talking heavy socks inside of my slippers, and hoodie over my flannel shirt cold. Tuesday I parked my butt in my chair and had a productive day doing edits on Water. Unfortunately, that was the best day of my week.

My road trip to Kingston was cancelled on Wednesday, so I had the whole day free. Unfortunately, my ambition and motivation must have gone on the trip without me because I was sadly lacking in both. I didn't even get my chapter for Earth written ahead of time, so it was late going up on Thursday.

Then late Thursday night I was ill, so I didn't get Friday's post written either. Actually, I felt so crappy that I forgot about it until Friday afternoon. My husband and I were supposed to go to Belleville Friday, but the wind and snow pretty much closed everything down, so the trip was put off until, well, today.

The wind was pretty extreme over the weekend. We got a fair amount of snow too, which of course seemed much worse because it was blowing around so much.

Sunday I decided that when the writing gets tough, the writer should . . . bake. :-) Specifically, I tried out a new muffin recipe, Peanut Butter Banana Muffins, and did a batch of Spritz cookies. Normally I only do Spritz cookies at Christmas, but we all enjoy them so much I figured there's no reason I couldn't do them at other times of the year.

I made a special trip to the store to get food colouring to make them pretty, and then I tried to experiment by making some of them chocolate. However, apparently I'm meant to do them only at Christmas. I was only halfway through shooting them onto the cookie sheets when my cookie gun broke. Argh! So I ended up rolling the dough out between two sheets of parchment and using my smallest cookie cutter to cut them out with.

Oh! And the colour? The blue cookies turned out to be more of a turquoise shade, and the purple was the shade of pre-chewed grape gum. But they still tasted okay. :-)

Blog Stuff
Wednesday: I thought I had an idea for this week's Wildcard, but apparently I didn't write it down so it escapes me at the moment. So come back Wednesday and we'll all be surprised. ;-)
Thursday: Chapter eight of my new draft serial, Earth - book IV of the Ardraci Elementals.
Friday: What I'm reading.

Other Stuff
Today the hubby and I will be going to Belleville so he can meet with the doctor who's going to replace his hip. It's his hope that the doctor can't fit him in until the end of bowling season.

And while we're in the big city (actually, it's really just a medium city, but big enough for my purposes) I can finally pick up the wool I need to finish the kid's afghan (so she can get some use out of it while it's still cold enough to need one), and the item I need to finish that last Christmas present. Sorry it's so late sis!

And once again I'll be continuing with the edits/rewrites of Water. And I'll be working on my super secret project that I'm hoping to have done in time for Valentine's day.

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