Apr 18, 2016

Muriated Monday

muriated pickled; preserved

Well ... I guess Mother Nature got over her snit, because by the end of last week there was no ice on the pool when I got up in the morning and the weekend was absolutely gorgeous. AND I have two little green shoots coming up in the front garden.

Speaking of gardens ... I don't know if you're aware of the crisis regarding the falling numbers of the bee population, but there's a big push on for everyone to plant wild flowers. I was looking at our patio area and started thinking, and then I remembered the long planters my mother-in-law had at the cottage (we used to call them her horse troughs) and then I asked the hubby what he thought of the idea of building a planter along one end of the patio for wild flowers.

To my surprise, he liked the idea. In fact, he even suggested we border both open sides of the deck with planters. And to save time, because it's still bowling season so he wouldn't have time to build me planters for several weeks, he gave me the green light to buy ones. So, guess what I'll be doing next weekend?

You know, unless it snows or something. ;-)

I had a friend come over for coffee on Sunday, so naturally I had to go on a baking binge. Saturday I baked oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies (they're kind of like gingerbread), and chocolate drop cookies. Then Sunday I had a brain fart or something and baked a cranberry oatmeal bread, an apple oatmeal bread, and some cranberry/apple mini muffins. I don't know how much I expected my friend to eat, but she had plenty of choices. ;-)

Surprisingly, at least to me, I'm still on track with the A to Z Challenge. Well, at least as far as the posting goes. I'm still way behind on my blog visits, but you can read about it on My Writing Journal.

The hubby got his lap top connected to our wireless network - and without my help. Colour me impressed! I'm still having problems with the printer, but it's no big deal to print from my office.

Funny story. I got the desktop computer in my office connected with a wireless adaptor, which of course plugs into a USB port. Despite the fact I have like 7 USB ports on this computer, I also have a Tardis USB hub (because the Tardis is cool!). So I plugged the adaptor into the hub because it was on top of the computer.

What I'd forgotten is that the Tardis came with sound. Specifically, the same sound Doctor Who's Tardis makes. And my Tardis made that sound every time the light on the adaptor blinked. Which was pretty much all the time. And did I mention the blue light on top of the Tardis blinked at the same time?

So yeah. I had to move the plug to the back of the computer. :-D

I had one little change to make to our channel lineup at the beginning of the week and now everything seems to be fine. *knock on wood* And now ... I'm being forced to learn how to use the TiVo because I'm babysitting tonight and I don't want to miss Supergirl and Scorpion. Yes, I could probably watch them at the daughter's house, but with the way my luck runs I'll have to leave right in the middle of the good part.

Wish me luck!

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