Apr 25, 2016

Metoposcopy Monday

metoposcopy ~ fortune-telling or judgement of character by the lines of the forehead

The weather was so beautiful last week that for the family dinner on Sunday I decided we should barbeque our pork chops, which meant salads to go with them. And of course after spending my morning making a potato salad, pasta salad, and broccoli salad, the weather turned cold and overcast. *sigh*

We still barbequed of course - it would take more than a little cold to prevent that - but it would have been nice to see a little sun. And it was cold enough Sunday night that the heat came on a few times. Guess Mother Nature isn't as done messing with us as I thought.

The hubby asked me to install the program that came with my printer on his laptop last week because he wanted to play around with the CD labelling feature (my printer prints directly onto CDs). Of course this being me and my life, finding the disk with the program on it is a story in itself - I actually found it by accident when I was cleaning out a desk drawer yesterday. So I installed the program without a hitch, and of course being printing software it sent a test page to the printer.

Now if you recall, when the cable company callously made me replace my router with their modem/router combination, I had to re-setup the wireless printer. And because I didn't do it myself the first time and my printer could sense an amateur at work, it gave me all kinds of trouble, culminating in it printing everything I sent it twice.

I have a theory about this. I don't know if it's because of the TiVo or the phone, but we're actually running two networks - a 2.4G and a 5G (whatever the heck they mean). The installer said to run off the 5G whenever possible but my laptop can only find the 2.4G.

I'm pretty sure the printer is connected to the 5G network and so is the hubby's laptop. So it should come as no surprise that the test page sent by his laptop only printed once. And pretty quickly too. Granted his is a brand new laptop and mine is at least five years old, but still ... I'm thinking it might be time to get an external hard drive to backup my laptop onto and then have it checked out thoroughly by the computer doctor.

The desktop in my office is six years old as well, and it's pretty much a crap shoot whether it's going to work properly or slowly on any given day. Ah, technology.

*shakes head sadly*

Much to my surprise I'm still on track with my posts for the A to Z Challenge. Still way behind on the blog visits though, I'm a little over halfway through the links list. But at least I caught up on visiting the blogs of the wonderful people who've left comments on my posts. :-)

This is the last week and I'm kinda glad. I took up the blogging challenge to give my writing a boost, and in that I've succeeded. However, between coming up with a daily post and all the blog visiting, I don't really have any time for anything else.

I have ideas for posting at least twice a week on both my blogs, I'm actually looking forward to getting some editing done, and I have some ideas I'd like to develop on a new book series. Not to mention I want to get going on the next book in the Moonstone Chronicles.

So ... lots of plans, now I just have to find the time. LOL


David Macaulay said...

Glad you are back on track - I fell behind a bit

Stephanie Faris said...

I wasn't very good at I.T. when I worked at it, but most printer problems like the one you described had to do with wonky drivers. We have two networks, too--it's a repeater situation they set up when you are in a house where you can't necessarily access the router easily from each room. Sometimes switching to the other network does work for me.

shortybear said...

praying you find time

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