May 15, 2016

Mecometer Monday

mecometer ~ instrument for measuring length

You know, it’s all about the baby steps. I bought myself a couple of little notebooks to write stuff down in so I don’t forget stuff, now I just have to remember to make use of them. You know, like writing down ideas for my Monday blog post. *sigh*

I’m starting to wonder if we’re ever really going to get spring. We’ve had the odd good day, but never more than two in a row. Lately it’s been cold and rainy, and some parts of Ontario got snow yesterday - including us. Granted ours was a really wet snow that didn’t stick, but still ...

However, that’s not stopping the grass from greening up and the leaves from unfurling on the trees. I see tulips and daffodils blooming in other people’s gardens (I don’t have any myself). But because of the up and down weather my sand cherries didn’t bloom this year and I still don’t have my roses uncovered. Nor my wild flower seeds planted, although the planters they’re going in are set up along the deck and filled with dirt.

Another sign that spring will find a way ... I saw Daphne’s babies yesterday. I was sitting at the dining room table watching a couple of mallards wandering around the back yard when I realized Daphne was swimming in our pond instead of the pool. Then I realized there were about half a dozen little ducklings milling around in front of the pond. By the time I’d got to the window to have a better look, the whole lot of them disappeared under the fence at the back of the yard.

I’m finally getting back into the writing groove, albeit slowly. At the very least I had enough words in to make my wordage report worth while. If you’re interested in how I did, you can check it out on my Other Blog.

And the truly amazing part about getting so many words in is the fact I’ve been on a bit of a reading binge lately - four books in four days. I really, really have to make time to start updating my Goodreads list. I started out at the beginning of the year swearing I was going to update at least once a month; I’m only five months behind so far.

Saturday night there wasn’t much of anything on television (even with all those extra channels we have now) so the hubby looked through our DVD collection and found a monster movie we hadn’t seen yet. He suggested that we make this a regular thing, watching our B movies on Saturday night for my review on Wednesday.

As I discovered last Wednesday, it’s hard to review a movie you saw months ago. Kind of like trying to find something to say about a book you read months ago. Which is a real shame because we’ve seen a plethora of really, really bad movies so unless I see them again, I probably won’t be including them.

This means my Wednesday posts will be as much of a surprise to me as it is to you. So be sure to check back for my review of ... War of the Monsters. Ooo, scary!

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