May 2, 2016

Monophagous Monday

monophagous ~ feeding on only one type of food

So ... I'm sitting here and it's Sunday night, and it's after midnight and I need to come up with something to post about and ... I'm coming up empty.

It could be because I'm tired, it is after midnight, or maybe the well has finally run dry. I don't know. But I do know I'd better come up with something tonight because I'm not going to have time to finish this in the morning. At least not first thing in the morning.

****Almost as soon as I typed that last night, I realized trying to keep going was an even worse choice. I would have ended up staying up too late, which meant I would have got a late start to my morning, which would have thrown my whole day off, which would have made me even crankier than a normal grey, dismal Monday morning would have. So ... better late than never****

Okay, I'm on a tight schedule today. If I don't get this post finished and up in the next half hour, then I might as well just skip it because I won't have any time until around 4.

I have to chuckle at the irony of this. I did almost as many posts on my Other Blog during the month of April as I've done in the last two years total on it, and yet I'm stuck for just a single post here for the day.

But the challenge is over - no more trying to come up with a post based on a letter of the alphabet each day. I'm hoping to make a few changes, as in posting a little more often to both my blogs, maybe add a couple of new features. Ideally that's something I should have been working on over the weekend, but ... Saturday just kind of disappeared on me, and yesterday it was grey and dismal and I drove to the city for some much needed shopping therapy. ;-)

I actually had a lot of fun with the A to Z Challenge. Would I do it again? Maybe. If I was more prepared. I've done it a couple of times in the past, but this year it was kind of a last minute decision. I think to be successful this has to be planned for ahead of time. I spent way too much time on my blog posts, leaving me not enough time for my blog visiting.

I still have about 50 blogs on the list to visit, which is pretty good considering how long that list is. And the list is still there if you're curious. Just got to the A to Z Challenge and scroll down a little for the links.

There was a wide variety of blogs out there with an amazing range of topics, and a lot of talented bloggers. There were blogs with photos that are just breath-taking, gaming blogs, cooking blogs, family history blogs, blogs with stories, blogs with information ... and I've bookmarked a bunch of them to go back to.

I wish I could have commented on everyone's blog, but that just wasn't possible. Mostly I commenting on the writing blogs, because that's where my own interests lie, but there were a few others that were so great I just had to say something.

If I do it next year I'd like to keep track of my stats, even if it's only for my own use. Things like the number of blogs visited, the kinds of blogs there are, if the person appeared to forget they'd signed up, how easy they were to navigate ... I have to admit, if a blog was taking too long to load, or it was confusing or I had to really search around for the posts, I skipped it. And I didn't like the ones with the popups to sign up for a service or newsletter.

Hmm, I wonder if I could do an A to Z based on the bloggers that signed up for it? Now there's a thought! LOL