Jun 20, 2016

Monandry Monday

monandry ~ marriage to only one man at a time

Last week the daughter had a course she needed to take for work which required her to be in Ottawa, so once again Grammy pulled extra babysitting time. The first day we played outside - blowing bubbles, me dragging her around in her Flintstones-like car, picking flowers ... Day two we went shopping, always a fun time, and though I was sorely tempted to buy us junk food I honoured her mother’s request that I not.

Here’s the little darling trying to show the cat how he’s supposed to use his toy.

Then came day three, the day I had figured on taking her to a drop in play group. But first thing in the morning the grandbaby really wanted to go outside. So we chased the dog around the back yard and found him a stick and ... being blind, he didn’t realize the grandbaby was directly in front of him and steam-rolled her, biffing her in the head with the stick.

She ended up flat on her back and I think that, more than the blow to her head, is what upset her. It was nothing hugs from Grammy couldn’t fix. Well, all except for the goose-egg on her forehead. Which is why we didn’t go to the play group with its finger pointing mamas. We went to the dollar store and made cupcakes instead. ;-)

Like last month I had a couple of extra days off as my reward for full time babysitting. And while this time I didn’t end up with a mega-death cold, I don’t know that I was a lot more productive with my extra time. What can I say? It’s summer time and Mother Nature has finally acknowledged it with some super hot weather.

Among the things I did get done was finally catching up on my Goodreads reviews and a lot of relaxing on the deck. And I planted more petunias in the front garden. And despite the fact my roses have only been uncovered for a few weeks, one of them even decided to bloom.

Ahh, summer. Nice to see you!

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