Jul 11, 2016

Metensomatosis Monday

metensomatosis ~ movement of soul into new body before or after death

I feel like I’m starting over this week. I did not do either of my workouts even once last week. And furthermore, I’m kind of liking the extra time that gives me in the morning. But all good things must come to an end, and my slackerly ways are no exception. Today I must climb back on the wagon, however reluctant I might be.

Sometimes it really sucks, being a responsible adult. ;-)

And other than my blog posts, I didn’t get any writing done either. It was a busy week for me and by the time I actually had a minute to write, I was too tired to string words together.

But I rallied on Saturday when the daughter held a “Book Deconstruction Barbecue” at our house.

The daughter works as a law librarian and her predecessor acquired a vast number of somewhat out of date law books that some other law library was trying unload, dump off, find a new home for. I guess the woman saw the words “free books” and didn’t stop to wonder why they were free.

Anyway, the daughter needed to get rid of them to make room for books the clients frequenting her library would actually use, and after failing to find someone as gullible, foolish, naive as her predecessor, her last resort was to recycle them.

However, after contacting our local recycling plant, she was told they couldn’t be recycled because of their covers. The pages could be recycled, but not the whole book. But separating the pages from their covers seem like an awful lot of work. How was this feat to be accomplished?

The solution, of course, was to invite some friends to our house to use power saws to cut the covers off of the 600 + books. And as an added incentive, she’d even feed them. My daughter has some pretty good friends. ;-)

The initial use of power saws did not bode well for the endeavour. First the breakers kept tripping. But after unplugging the two fountains and the pool pump, things went much better, although it was slow work. Men being men, they were the ones manning the power saws and there were only four saws.

This was going to take forever, so it was the women to the rescue. Someone started to just rip the pages out of a book - it went surprisingly fast. So someone else joined in. Soon everybody (except the hubby who stuck to his circular saw) was merrily ripping pages out of books.

So how long did it take to saw the covers off/rip the pages out of all those books? Two and a half hours. On the one hand it was kind of horrifying because, you know, books! But at the same time it was kind of fun.

Fun times indeed.

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