Jul 25, 2016

Micropodal Monday

micropodal ~ having extremely small feet

It’s Monday again? Already?

Are you sure?

Last week was so busy it just flew by, and this week bodes to be much of the same. I didn’t even have time to watch a monster movie let alone review it, and got virtually no writing in (save for my other blog posts).

I finally gave myself a deadline to get the transcription project finished and I’ve been working full steam ahead to get it done on time. If I reach my goal it’s gonna be a squeaker.

And as a result of all that extra time I’ve been putting in at the computer in my office, I developed a painful crick in my neck. I finally realized it was two things: poor posture when sitting at my desk, and the monitor for the computer was too low.

So I began to pay better attention to my posture, and put a couple of books under the stand holding the monitor, and I seem to be on the mend.

In other news ... is it hot enough for you? Man that’s wicked out there! And I’m getting really ticked at the weather network. They keep promising us storms and we never get them. It’s like our town is protected by a magical bubble and the storms just slide off.

Speaking of magic ... I was up extra early one day last week and looked out the back window to see my old friend Daphne. She and 8 or 9 half-grown ducklings snuck under the fence at the back of the yard, meandered their way through the yard and under the side fence, meandered across my neighbor’s back yard, and ducked under her fence, presumably on their way to the creek.

And we have a tenant in our pond - a big, beautiful bullfrog. I’m kind of sorry I can’t hear him at night - even if the bedroom window wasn’t shut There’d still be too much noise from the fan an air conditioner.

I remember when I was a kid, there was a low spot in the very back of our yard and water used to collect there turning it into kind of a swamp in the summer and a skating rink in winter. I also remember the sound of the bull frog chorus and seeing the ropes of frogs eggs in the water.

And yes, like any other self-respecting bratty kid, I used to catch pollywogs so I could watch them turn into frogs. Hey! I live in a small town, that was exciting stuff in my books. LOL

Oh, the shades of summer.

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