Feb 4, 2009

More Stubborn Than Creative

This would be so much easier if I could just decide what I want to work on.

So far this week I’ve been adding a word here and a word there to my current WIPs, but nothing really significant.

I thought about starting something new, but I can’t settle on which new idea. Book one of a new trilogy? A stand alone book? Maybe a short story or two? Decisions, decisions.

I’ve been hanging around Absolute Write a lot the last few days, more reading than posting of course. Someone offered a poetry challenge that I couldn’t pass up. The challenge was to write a poem that started with the line: The boy stood on the burning deck. The poem could only be four lines. Here’s my contribution:

The boy stood on the burning deck
and gave his girl a little peck
she told him to go to heck
instead he wrote this piece of dreck.

Meh, it’s not great poetry, but at least it’s creative.

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Fish Out of Water... said...

Don't look at it as a negative that the production is not there, rather look at it as taking baby steps to complete the marathon.