Mar 4, 2009

Call Me Crazy

Yeah, like no one’s called me that before! ;-)

I need something to get my writing rear in gear so I have tentatively signed up for the Lenten challenge over at AW. The challenge is 40,000 words by Easter. Should be doable, right? Especially for someone who managed 50K+ in thirty days.

The funny thing is, when I signed up I had in mind an idea I’d been kicking around off and on for a couple of years now. This one isn’t something I can just do off the cuff, it would require a lot of planning, and it has nothing to do with either romance or fantasy/paranormal.

I tried to use this idea a couple of years ago for NaNo, but I just couldn't find my starting point. I really need to take a few days and work it out on paper first. It's one of those ideas that doesn't seem to want to start out on the keyboard. I think part of it is because there's going to be about six main characters, all equally important. I'll have to juggle six distinct personalities and six story lines that intersect and come together in the end.

So, that was the idea when I signed up for the Lenten challenge. To take a few days and work out the details for this contemporary idea. But this does not appear to be what's going to happen.

The space idea I mentioned a few posts back kind of fizzled out. Ideas do that sometimes when you keep going over them in your mind, which is why I do that. The whole “how the main characters meet” premise was weak and I wasn’t happy with the back story between the hero and the antagonist.

However, as I was falling asleep last night (of course), I had an epiphany. I found a way to make the scenario work without it sounding so contrived. Her character makes sense, the Evil Prince’s reasons for using the hero make sense, and I can even use the sanctuary idea and have it make sense. And the best part is, I still remembered it this morning when I woke up.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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