Mar 26, 2009

Editing Woes

Driving Into Forever is beginning to drive me a little batty. My main characters are not behaving, or maybe the problem is they’re a little too well behaved. There’s a lot more going on with them than they’re willing to share. I seem to be doing more cutting than anything else, if I don’t stop soon I’ll be ending up with a short story!

I’ve been going over Always a lot in my mind, unwilling to commit the changes I’m considering to paper just yet. Near the middle of the book, due to medical assistance, the MMC regains his memory. It might make for a better story if he only regains part of his memory, the rest to follow later. This would require a lot of changes in the second half of the book, but as I said, it might make for a better story. Especially when she leaves - it gives her more of an incentive to leave.

Unfortunately, it also means I’m going to have to do some research on amnesia. I’m not sure if what I want to have happen is possible, although even if it isn’t I might be able to get around it because his memory is returned to him with the help of some kind of technology . . .

Maybe I should do less thinking and more writing.

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