Jul 13, 2009

Better Late Than Never?

I have a very good reason for not posting earlier today.

Last week my internet connection became steadily worse as the week wore on. By Friday it was a crap shoot whether I’d even connect or not and by Sunday I had no internet at all. But all is good now. Cogeco sent me a shining hero in the form of a technician who replaced my modem and now I can happily surf with the best of them again. :-)

I didn’t really set any goals last week, did I? So it looks like I only have myself to answer to for how much (or how little) writing I got done. Yes, I admit it. All that free time and I was a bit (maybe we should make that a lot) of a slacker in the writing department. Did a lot of reading though.

I doodled around with some poetry and pulled a couple of short pieces out of mothballs to have a look at . . . pretty much the only new stuff I wrote was the flash piece for Friday.

So, let’s set some goals for this week, bearing in mind that I’m back in school, I have a marketing paper due at the end of the week and I have an exam on Friday. This doesn’t bode well for goals when I’m already lining up excuses, does it? ;-)

I want to finish the outline for the Starlight series that the people I threatened bribed begged asked to vote on chose as my next WIP. Because I still don’t know whether this will be a three part story or a trilogy of novels, I need to outline all three parts.

I also need to finish the two poems I started last week and I want to finish up my submission for the AW poetry anthology. I have the poems picked out, I just have to write up the biography to go with them. I also need to pick some poems to submit to poetry’z own, which is the poetry magazine put out by my poetry group.

I guess I should include my marketing paper in there somewhere too. It is writing and I do need to get it done this week. I pulled out the assignment on the weekend, read it over, and the first thing that popped into my head was: “I am so screwed!”



Jamie D. said...

Wow - congrats on getting your internet back! Bad mojo when something like that goes out...

Good luck with your writing this week - or perhaps more importantly, that marketing paper...

C R Ward said...

Thanks, Jamie! I'll take all the luck I can get! :-)