Jul 28, 2009

Random Tuesday

You know, you can learn a lot by checking out other people's blogs. For instance, one of the things I learned this year is about setting (and keeping) goals. Admittedly I don't do as good a job of keeping them as the folks who inspired me, but it has helped my writing immensely.

Something else I've learned, from Jamie over on The Variety Pages is that it's much easier to keep up your blog if you assign topics to each day. So far I've got recaps and goal setting on Monday, Creative Fridays, Whimsical Wednesday, and just last week I started a poetry thing for Thursdays.

And by the way, if you haven't checked her blog out already, do it now.

Go ahead, I'll wait.

She's posting an awesome serial story - a much braver author than I!

But what about Tuesday? Hmmm. Trivia Tuesday perhaps? I could impart all kinds of weird and wonderful things . . . Tidbit Tuesday? Help me out people, give me some ideas, otherwise you might want to avoid Tuesdays altogether. :-)

Speaking of tea . . . oh, wait a minute. I wasn't speaking of tea, was I? I was going to suggest Tea Party Tuesdays, but that would imply something to do about either tea or parties, and if I was going to do that I'd just send you over to Jamie's Tea On Tap which is an awesome blog about tea (I never realized there were so many blends out there!)

Anyway, back to my tea thought . . . Nope. Sorry, I waited too long. It's slipped my mind now. Damn, I hate when that happens! Was I going to mention how I start my day with a cup of coffee but I prefer tea the rest of the day? Maybe I was going to go on about how I can drink my coffee cold, but still haven't found an iced tea I like. Well, unless it's a chai tea frappuccino from Starbucks. :-)

Meh, it couldn't have been that important, I guess.

Anybody catch Torchwood, Children of Earth, last week?


*sigh* You missed a totally awesome mini-series. Poor Captain Jack, what they put him through! If you're interested, you can still catch it online HERE At the very least, check out the Doctor Who special that was on this weekend. Or, if nothing else, you can catch David Tennant (Dr. Who) and John Barrowman (Captain Jack on Torchwood) at the San Diego ComicCon. And if you're very patient, you can see them share a kiss.


Jamie D. said...

Geez, Carol - you're making me blush! Thanks so much for the mention(s)! Glad I could be inspiring. Ironically, hearing that just makes me more motivated to keep my goals, so it's a whole circle of inspiration going on around here! :-)

As for Tuesdays, I think you should just leave them "Random"...like my "Wildcard" Thursdays. It's kind of nice to have a day I can just post about whatever, even if it's not writing related, or take the day off if I need to. Don't feel bad leaving a "free day" for yourself...

Everyone is talking about "Torchwood" all over the 'net - guess I'll have to check it out online one of these days (I don't have cable). Not sure how my connection will handle that, but I'll give it a try one of these days.

Time to slow down for the evening. Cup of tea, anyone? ;-)

Lost Wanderer said...

Great post!

Children of the Earth was AMAZING!! I think the last episode showed the best acting from John Barrowman. I think he is good anyway, but the last scene - oh it was just fabulous.

Fish Out of Water... said...

Damn...missed Who again...

C R Ward said...

Jamie: We're just an inspiring bunch, aren't we? :-)

Lost: Do you think this is the end of Torchwood? I really hope not!

Fish: You have no excuses, I reminded you a couple of times. Go to spacecast.com right now and watch it!