Jul 7, 2009

Workin’ On the Railroad

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad
All the live long day . . . .

The daughter’s wedding is over and the dust has settled, so it’s time to get things back on track. The problem is, it’s a little hard to get back on track when the pieces of the track are scattered hither and yon, and the train itself lost sections all over the place.

My every day blog was even more neglected over the last couple of weeks than this one, although I did manage to sneak on the net once in awhile to post comments on a few of my favorite blogs. Today I spent a lot of time catching up on my blog reading, though I didn’t do any commenting yet.

Needless to say I got no writing done during the days preceding the wedding. I didn’t even keep up my journal. I did jot down ideas for a couple of poems, and I had an idea for the June prompt over on the horror writers board, but that’s about the extent of it.

I admit that the last couple of days I haven’t done much of anything other than read, but after the frantic pace of the past couple of weeks, I felt decided I deserved to relax a little. However, that is all going to change tomorrow. Time to get writing again.

No excuses, just writing.



Benjamin Solah said...

I think preparing for a wedding is a pretty reasonable divergence.

Glad to see you dedicated to getting back to it though!

bettielee said...

I, too, have done squat this week. Oh well, there is always next week. Hope you get back in the saddle!