Dec 14, 2009

Morose Monday

I’m cranky. Just thought I’d let you know that right off the bat. Between my sinuses and the crappy weather, I’ve had a lot of headaches and trouble sleeping, either of which will make me cranky. I’ve also been singularly unproductive and did I mention cranky?

Just call me Mrs. Scrooge.


Get laptop fix; backup documents; sin of Envy; poetry; Chapter 17 of Space Opera; editing.

My lap top is fixed . . . um . . . sorta. The IT guy at school got a pile of spyware and a few stubborn viruses off my Precious, so in that respect my lap top is fixed and working fine. However (and you have no idea how embarrassing to admit) I decided that my keyboard needed cleaning and in the process I somehow managed to . . . uh . . . well, the thing is . . . *sigh* my ‘b’ key no longer works properly.

I just can’t win for losing.

My documents are backed up. If you haven’t backed your documents up lately, do it now.

C’mon, I’ll wait.
What are you waiting for?

Okay, now where was I? Did my post on the Sin of Envy; introduced the poetry form of Tritina; and posted Chapter 17 of Space Opera.

Did no editing, per say, although I did dig out my first NaNo novel with every intention of diving head long into editing. Unfortunately I had something like 8 different documents with the novel’s title, which I was able to boil down to three separate beginnings. It does not help that I like all three of them - each has its good and bad points.

Goals for This Week:

This Tuesday is the last in my sin series, the Sin of Greed. At some point I’ll put some links to the whole series in the side bar.

I was toying with the idea of leaving off the whimsy for the next couple of weeks and posting Christmas videos instead. What the heck, it’s Christmas, right?

Thursday will be the Spanish poetry form of Shadorma.

Friday will be Chapter 18 of my Space Opera.

Also, I need to make a decision on which beginning to use for Driving Into Forever (my first NaNo). This has to be done before I can move on with editing it. The opening will determine the direction my female MC will take.

In the non-writing capacity, I need to get my Christmas tree up and my Christmas baking done. Yes, that’s right. I have neither done yet. You wanna make something out of it?? I was supposed to get the cookies started yesterday, but I just wasn’t in a baking mood. I blame the warm, drizzly weather. At least that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. I did take a stab at making more Christmas tree ornaments - even I have to admit the coffee filter angels are cute. If I had a camera I’d take a picture for you, but since I don’t, here’s a LINK to the pattern.

Later this week I have to make a peanut butter cheesecake to take to school for the Christmas pot luck on Friday.

So, that’s my life a nutshell lately. How’s yours going?


Lost Wanderer said...

Glad to hear laptop's back on duty.

Hey, don't feel guilty about tree or anything, after all Christmas isn't actually until 25th. And wow..baking cookies and stuff. I prefer to take full advantage of supermarkets, and buy stuff :P

Mind you, this year, it's a grinch house, because we are going to USA on 27th so no point in getting a tree or anything.

C R Ward said...

I'm feeling pretty grinch-like too, but unfortunately that doesn't get me out of baking cookies.:-)

Anonymous said...

I hate when computers go all paws up on you. I had one freeze, literally!

Erica said...

Sorry you're feeling cranky. I can relate. I've been sick 3 times in 6 weeks!! Also, I work for a mall office, so really... I have become a bit jaded to this the most wonderful of holidays.

I do love my tree, and it is up and my Christmas cards are done. But I'm not going to do a ton past that.

Glad your precious is fixed! I would die without mine :o)

Hope the week goes better for you!