Sep 6, 2010

Maddening Monday

So . . . I'm sitting here last night, getting myself organized for the coming week, ready to do my post for today and get it scheduled, and suddenly this microsoft essentials warning pops up. Then another. And another. Then my virus protection popped up with about 15 threats listed. And then my lap top froze. I was able to get it shut down, but it wouldn't start up again. It kept freezing on the first Windows screen. Finally, I went to bed, thanking God that I'd backed up my important files a couple of days ago.

This morning I discovered my desk top computer (which the hubby uses, not me) is mind-numbingly slow. Since I don't have dental coverage and can't afford to grind my teeth away to nothing, I crossed my fingers and turned my lap top back on. It gave me an option to start from the last time the settings worked so I crossed my fingers some more and said "do it!." My virus protection was able to remove the potential threats and the microsoft essential warnings went away, and here I am. Knock wood.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Last week I had a serious lack of focus. True, I had a few other things on my plate, and true, it was so hot it was making me sick, but the real reason for my lack of focus was Sookie Stackhouse. I don't know who's more to blame - Charlaine Harris for creating her, or the devil's spawn who got me started reading this TEN BOOK series - all I know is even when I wasn't reading about Sookie I was wondering what was going to happen next, to the point where I really couldn't concentrate on anything else. I finally caved and finished reading them.

That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. ;-p

I'll tell you, last week really did wipe me out with the heat. I didn't care how grey and overcast it was on Saturday, the fact that the temperature dipped low enough for me to wear jeans again made me do a happy dance.

I missed my Fairy Tale installment last week, and did not get as much writing done as I'd hoped. But I did finish the Sookie Stackhouse books so I can put them behind me now.

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: Let's try this again, part XVI of my fairy tale series will be The Pied Piper. If anyone has a favourite fairy tale they’d like me to investigate, drop me a line at carolrward(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll see what I can dig up.

Wednesday: A new hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: This week’s Passion for Poetry is the Sanskrit form of Ushnik.

Friday: Chapter 54 of the Space Opera. What happened to Nakeisha's wind? And will she be able to get it back again?

Elsewhere in my week:

This week's motto is going to be: Less internetting and more writing

When I need a break from writing I'm going to be going through my house and getting rid of some of the "stuff" that's accumulated over the years. I'm a self-professed pack rat with border-line hoarder tendencies. It's really time to start cutting loose some of this junk.

I suppose I should also try and work in some exercise somewhere - can't use the heat as an excuse any more.

And that's pretty much it for me for the week. Yesterday we had a barbeque at the in-laws to mark the end of summer - it was too wet and cold to have it at the cottage. So how about you? What did you do to mark the end of the season?


Jamie D. said...

Whew on the laptop thing! Scary stuff, there...glad it's working again.

You know all about my Kindle we'll just take that and Sookie and get back to work. LOL

Sounds like a busy week ahead for you! Me too - gotta get back on track and make some writing progress. As for the end of summer...we've just watched the weather change about a million times this weekend, and my allergies are in high gear because of it, so I'm trying to keep breathing.

Good luck this week! :-)

C R Ward said...

Cross your fingers for my poor lap top. All signs and portents point to an impending system crash. :-(