Sep 30, 2010

Ronsardian Ode

My apologies for the tardiness of this post!

The Ronsardian Ode is the creation of French poet, Pierre de Ronsard. Ronsard (1524-1585) was one of the stars of the Pléiade, French humanists who were inspired by classical culture, but sought to create a French literature. His poetry is musical, sensuous, pagan, romantic. Although a cleric in minor orders, he was constantly celebrating the beauties and sorrows of his various loves.

I have not checked the Ronsardian Ode against other ode forms, but I found it quite “odious” to work with. It can have any number of nine line stanzas, and the syllable pattern is 10-4-10-4-10-10-4-4-8 with a rhyme scheme of ababccddc.


The Prisoner
I look at the world outside from within
A safe haven,
Watching the seasons, the night and day spin,
The stars hasten.
Emotions rising and falling with time,
Embracing each one while safe in my shrine,
There must be more
Outside the door -
I yearn to embrace what is thine.

You’re caught on the other side looking in
Almost touching.
Held apart by so much, where to begin?
The walls crushing -
My fear is the truth, of what it could mean,
Loss of the past and a slate that’s wiped clean.
A look, a touch
That say so much -
I yearn to embrace the unseen.

A life lived in fear is no life at all
You have taught me.
It hurts so much less when you have a fall
If you are free.
But what if I find your words are untrue?
Can I bid all of my old fears adieu?
Please hold my hand,
Beside me stand -
I yearn to embrace life with you.

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