Jan 3, 2011

Monism Monday

monism ~ belief that all things can be placed in one category

So, did everyone have a good New Year’s celebration? We had take-out pizza and watched the Boris Karloff DVD set the hubby got for Christmas. Real exciting stuff. :-)

I didn’t get nearly as much writing done over the holidays as I’d hoped, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. Things just kept getting in the way. *shrugs* Such is life.

I did get the books set up for my business – it wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d anticipated. In fact, it was embarrassingly easy. Shouldn’t be any problem to keep them up to date either.

I also got the USB turntable set up, although not without a few . . . um . . . glitches. Now the big headache is, where to keep it when it’s not being used. It’s very light weight, so I’m all for putting up a shelf above the printer and putting it there so it can stay plugged into the computer. My husband thinks we should put it on the shelf up in the closet and just bring it down when we want to use it. My husband is not the one who will be hooking it up and unhooking it constantly.

Hey! Anyone want to read the beginning of a great thriller? Check out Angel Eyes by Alex Westhaven. New chapters are posted every Wednesday and Saturday. If the first chapter is any indication, it promises to be an exciting read!

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: I’m starting a new series this week, this one on herbal remedies. I think everyone has a favourite remedy or two, maybe even passed down from generation to generation.

Wednesday: Another Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: Part X , the final part, of my Famous Poets series will feature Yosa Buson, the Haiku master.

Friday: Chapter 5 of Fire. I think it’s time to get these two out of the cave and on their way.

Elsewhere in my week:

First meeting of the year – it being the first Monday of the month the Northumberland Scribes meet tonight.

Okay, I’m sure there’s more than just that going on this week, I mean besides my usual writing, editing, and reading (please note the order), but I can’t think of anything right now.

I’ll probably try recording a couple of my record albums, which also means I’ll be figuring out iTunes. Apparently there’s a way to set up a home account for different users in a family to access and I’d like to look into that. My husband and I will be sharing a computer for the music stuff and I’d like to keep our accounts separate (he already has his own iTunes account). Plus I have a $50 iTunes gift card to use. :-)

So, how about you? Any big plans for the first week of the new year?

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