Jan 17, 2011

Morosophy Monday

morosophy ~ foolish pretence of wisdom

Last week was a bad week for headaches which made it hard to be productive, but it wasn’t a total loss. When I wasn’t feeling up to writing, I got some reading done, including catching up on some blog reading and responding.

The amazing Heidi Sutherland has started up a writing community called Wrymo. This is a place created by writers for writers and it’s free to join. Drop on by and sign up. It’s brand new and promises to be lots of fun!

Take a second to check out the widgets on the left. I signed up for Goodreads last week – a much better/easier way of keeping track of what I’ve read/am reading than trying to keep a web site updated.

There was no progress made on the poetry chap book. Not only that, there was no original example of last week’s form. Yes, that’s right, the Canzone defeated me. I did start one, but only managed one stanza. Before you judge me, you try writing a 65 line poem with only 5 different end words and see how far you get. :-p

This Week’s Goals:

Tuesday: Part three of my series on Home Remedies. I was going to do these in alphabetical order, but this week I think I’ll mix it up a bit.

Wednesday: Another Hump Day Hunk for your viewing pleasure. With pants or without pants? You’ll have to check on Wednesday to see. ;-)

Thursday: The poetry form of the week will be the Rondeau.

Friday: Chapter 7of Fire. Where did all the snow came from? What’s going on in the village? Don’t ask me, I haven’t written it yet.

Elsewhere in my week:

I have two more plot holes to fill up in Forever and For Always and then I can print it out for line edits. I’m really looking forward to going at it with my coloured pens.

Tonight I have a meeting with the Northumberland Scribes, and our prompt for the day was to write something humourous. I was also challenged by one of the members to write something anthropomorphic. I will post both my pieces tomorrow on Random Writings.

Thursday my poetry group is giving a tribute to one of its founding members, who’s retiring due to health reasons. Instead of three separate poets reading their work, the reading will consist entirely of this member’s work, read by a few other members of the group.

And that’s pretty much what’s going on with me this week. How about you?

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