Apr 7, 2011

Diminished Hexaverse

You’d think that a form with the name hexaverse would have six stanzas, lines, or syllables, just like as a hexagon. However, the Diminished Hexaverse begins with a five-line stanza of five syllables in each line, then a four-line stanza with four syllables each, and so on, until the last one syllable stanza ends the poem. The reducing line and syllable count is why the form is referred to as "diminished."

There is, of course, a variation called an "increasing hexaverse," which is the reverse of the diminished version, starting with one syllable and increasing lines and syllables in each stanza until culminating with a five-line stanza with five-syllable lines.

As with most syllable-based forms, rhyme and meter are to be avoided. There is no titling convention, so you can name your hexaverse anything you like.

I found this a very interesting form to work in. The diminishing aspect made the syllable count a little challenging to work in. I’m just thankful it didn’t have to rhyme as well. :-)

Debt Repaid

The light of the moon -
The song of the wind -
The rush of first love -
Magic happens when
you least expect it.

Trust in your dream -
Live out your life -
Don’t be deterred
by past mistakes.

Karmic debt
is repaid,
winding down

it is



Tara Tyler said...

That was a great example. It does look difficult. I might try it for my PAD today depending on the prompt. Have a good one =)

Tara Tyler said...

I did it! Thanks for the unwitting prompt!