May 23, 2011

Mammer Monday

mammer ~ to stammer; to waver; to be undecided

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians. The first long weekend of the season, the one where gardening gets done, cottages get opened, and Trekkies with cable can enjoy the Star Trek movie marathon. :-)

Last week was pretty grey and miserable, which of course meant I was pretty grey and miserable too. I was also really tired and head-achy, and did I mention cranky? By the end of the week I didn’t even feel like reading, let alone writing, but at least I got all my blog posts up, and on time too.

Did not get the new pictures done for my website, but did get a goodly amount of editing done. :-)

This Week’s Schedule:

Tuesday: This week we have the final wonder of the ancient world, the Colossus of Rhodes. Next week we’ll start a whole new list of wonders.

Wednesday: A new hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: I’m killing two birds with one stone here. At my last poetry group meeting our “poemwork” was to write a list poem. So this week’s form is the List Poem and I will be using the poem I created for my group as an example.

Friday: Chapter 25 of Fire. So, Pyre knows Rayne’s secret. Now what?

Random Thoughts

Today: Ranting about the end of the world.

Wednesday: Chapter 2 of my on-line serial Shades of Errol Flynn

Saturday: Grappling With Grammar – the Comma, Part II

Elsewhere in my week:

Since it’s a holiday today I’m slacking off and going out for coffee with a friend. Weather permitting, we may end up down on the pier.

Tuesday is my meeting with the Cobourg Poetry Workshop and it’s always a good time. And not just because the pub we meet at is licensed. ;-)

I’ll be continuing with the edits for An Elemental Wind, and the edits on the real book for the real writer. :-)

I didn’t get the new pictures taken for my website last week, so that’s on this week’s list as well.

And that’s my week. What about you? What will you be up to?


Anonymous said...

Happy Victoria Day to you to. I'm not Canadian but I'm always up for a party! :D

C R Ward said...

Thanks Ralfast! The 2/4 of the holiday weekend also stands for a 2/4 of beer. ;-)