May 2, 2011

Macromania Monday

macromania ~ delusion that objects are larger than natural size

I have a confession to make. Yesterday was yet another gloomy day and my head was hurting, but I sat down at my desk to do something constructive like work on my website or edit my novel or write something. I tweaked the fonts for my website, decided to make the whole thing a little cleaner, and then . . . decided to take the day off. So then I went out to the kitchen and made a cup of tea and sat down and read Angela Knight’s Master of Smoke from cover to cover. And I don’t regret one minute of it. Okay, I might feel slightly guilty, but I don’t regret it. That book is smokin’ hot!

I’m finished with the A to Z Challenge, which is a bit of a relief. Well, I still have the wrap-up post to do later today, but then I’ll be officially done. It was definitely a challenge, but I think in the long run it was worth it.

This Week’s Schedule:

Tuesday: This week’s wonder of the ancient world is the Temple of Artemis.

Wednesday: Another Hunk for your view pleasure.

Thursday: The poetry form of the week is the Found Poem.

Friday: Chapter 22 of Fire. On the road again. Hopefully they’ll reach the city soon so the action can start.

Elsewhere in my week:

If you’re a Canadian, don’t forget to go out and vote today. Personally, I don’t like any of the choices – we’re pretty much going to lose no matter who wins.

I did not make as much progress with my website as I would have liked . . . if you want to know the truth, I started to re-do it, ran into one trouble after another, had a meltdown, then realized I was making it much harder than it needed to be. This may be hard for you to understand, but I find it easier to do the html coding by hand than to use a program. So now I’m re-learning everything I used to know about html. The problem is, I can only do it for an hour or two each day before my eyes go buggy, so it’s slow going. However, I am nothing if not persistent.

There’s a Scribe’s meeting tonight and I have no idea what the prompt is. Maybe I’ll suck it up and do the prompt from last time, which was Cakes on a Train.

Now that the A-Z Challenge is over, I want to give my other blog a face lift. Nothing drastic, just a little re-arranging. One of the reason I did the challenge was to do more posting over there and I’d like to keep up the good work by coming up with two or three weekly posts, one of which might be a new on-line serial.

Speaking of serials, it’s time to get serious on the edits for Space Opera. While posting my draft on a weekly basis left me a more complete story than I’m left with from NaNo, writing a serial is a bit different from writing a novel. It comes as no surprise that the editing required is a bit different as well.

Okay, that’s about it for my week, what about you? What have you got going on?


Tara Tyler said...

good for you - we all need a day off now and then =) I lost my voice this wknd and I think I'll take tomorrow off and give it a rest (my students will appreciate it too, I bet)
have a great week!

graceunderpressure said...

did you know that the dragonfly's eye consists of 30,000 microlens? This gives it 360 degree vision.
God is awesome!

C R Ward said...

Tara: Enjoy your day(s) off!

Grace: I did not know that about the dragonfly's eye. No wonder they're so big. :-)