Jul 18, 2011

Machicolation Monday

machicolation ~ space between corbels in a parapet

Remember last week I was asking about the hot dry summer we were supposed to have? Well I should have kept my mouth shut. We’ve got heat in spades now, with no end in sight. It’s like someone turned up the thermostat about twenty degrees and now it’s stuck there.

The posting went well last week – my poetry muse even came back from vacation in time for me to come up with an original example for my weekly form. I was a little late with my instalment for Fire, but I got carried away writing a couple of extra journal entries so it was late when I started the chapter. When I caught myself starting to nod off I figured it’d be better to go to bed and get a fresh start in the morning.

I walked more days than not, but it still wasn’t every day. One day was just too humid (even at 7 a.m.!) and one day I was just too lazy. Yesterday I slept in and by 9 a.m. it was too hot. I might have to switch to the rowing machine this week if this heat wave keeps up.

I did some editing work this week but other than that (and my posts) I didn’t really get anything constructive done. It’s like my brain took a holiday.

This Week’s Schedule:

Tuesday: The first part in a new wonders series, The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World. This week’s wonder is the SS Great Eastern.

Wednesday: Another hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure.

Thursday: Time to have some fun with the poetry, and what could be more fun than the Limerick?

Friday: Chapter 33 of Fire. So . . . will Pyre go with Nakeisha to her ship? Or will we see what’s happening to Rayne?

Random Thoughts

Today: When Grey Makes You See Red – information with a rant.

Wednesday: Chapter 10 of my on-line serial Shades of Errol Flynn. Is Jessica really going to let Howard use her in a magical experiment?

Saturday: Grappling With Grammar – quotation marks.

Elsewhere in my week:

I almost feel like I should just copy my list from Elsewhere for last week – other than the reading (which I did not do out on the deck ‘cause it was too hot) and the walking, I didn’t do anything on my Elsewhere list.

I freely admit to being a slacker lately. So it’s time to crack down on myself ‘cause sadly, there’s no one else to do it. :-)

There will be new words written on The Perfect Man. I really want to see this one finished and due to it’s . . . um . . . subject matter, it will be under a pseudonym. Just as soon as I figure out what my pseudonym is.

The afternoons will find me working on the Living History project this week. I need to clean up the audio on the interviews before burning them to CDs and then I can transcribe them.

I’ll still be walking, but on the days it’s too hot to walk in the morning I’ll be walking in the early evening so I can have a dip in the pool afterwards.

And it should go without saying that I’ll be reading – some on George and some on hard copy. If I think about it, I might even update my Goodreads too. My goal for their challenge is 80 books for the year. So far I’ve read 54, although the challenge stats only show 23.

That’s what I’ll be up to this week, how about you? How’s your summer going so far?

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