Sep 16, 2011

Special Announcement

As you may have noticed, this isn’t the next instalment for Fire. This week’s chapter is moved to Saturday. Mainly because I had a poetry reading and the launch of my poetry chapbook last night and I was too freaking tired to come up with the required energy (or brain power) to get the instalment written.

But also because I wanted to save this space for a VERY SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT.

I'm thrilled to announce that Brazen Snake Books will be releasing An Elemental Wind, my debut novel on September 30, 2011. It will be released in ebook format on September 30, with a paperback to be released on October 14th.

An Elemental Wind

Nakeisha Windsinger has been chosen to represent her planet to the Pan-Galactic Council of Worlds. She and her mentor, the Ilezie E.Z., must travel in secret to avoid their enemies, but when her mentor is killed, she loses control of her element, the wind, as she takes vengeance on those responsible.

In doing so, she crosses paths with the crew of the Burning Comet, a ship with a secret mission of its own. A reluctant guest, Nakeisha struggles to control her element, a task made more difficult as she fights her growing attraction to the ship’s navigator, Chaney.

As their enemies close in, Nakeisha and Chaney spin a fragile web of trust between them, finding that fate has a way of interfering when you least expect it and love can destroy - or rebuild - worlds.

If you’d like to read the first three chapters, go HERE.

What else can I say, except . . . SQUEEEEEE!

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