Apr 23, 2012

Maderization Monday

maderization ~ wine becoming rusty in colour and flat in taste

Okay, before anything else, I have to say that I’m not happy with the new blogger layout. What was wrong with the old one? The same goes for gmail and Facebook. I say to you all: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Oh, and by the way, the new blogger doesn't even work as well as the old one. It took all my spacing out and I had to enter the HTML codes by hand. Not cool! Especially at 2 a.m.!

Now, back to our regularly scheduled blog post.

Holy cow! For the second week in a row I got all my posts done and posted on the proper day. Granted both my serial chapters were late going up, but that was because I couldn’t seem to write them at night, I ended up writing them in the morning they were supposed to be posted.

My hair is still pinkish looking, although my husband came into my office yesterday and commented: “You know, in this light your hair almost looks purple.” Thanks, hon. *sigh* I don’t know how long you’re supposed to wait between dye jobs, but I’m only going to wait another couple of weeks before redying it to a more . . . subtle colour. :-)

The trees and shrubs are covered in buds and the lily-of-the-valley is coming up in my front garden. So of course the weather’s turned cold and dreary. Of course that doesn’t stop the ducks from coming to visit our pool. Just a single pair, but they come ever year.

I made time for a little reading last week – one good book, one no so good book, and one that was written by a friend. I didn’t get my Goodreads or my reading list updating, so they’re on the list for this week.

At the top of my list for the week is getting my taxes finished. Have I mentioned how much I hate doing taxes? Yes, it’s much easier with a computerized tax program, not like the old days when we had to do everything on paper, but it’s still a pain in the butt, especially when you have a home office and you’re slack at keeping up your bookwork.

What’s Up This Week: The schedule is up on the side bar, so I’m just giving the highlights here.

Tuesday On Random Thoughts We have Part Eight of Prophets and Prophecies, Edgar Cayce. On Random Writings we’ll have a review of one of the books I read last week. If you’re an author and would like me to review your book, drop me a line at carolrward(at)gmail(dot)com. I promise I’ll put your book at the top of my list. :-)

Wednesday (on Random Writings) Chapter Forty-nine of Shades of Errol Flynn. Looks like Ellen is going to have a front row seat for the strategy session. And on Random Thoughts there’ll be another hump day hunk for your viewing pleasure. ;-)

Thursday we have Chapter Fourteen of Water (on Random Thoughts).

Friday On Passion For Poetry (Random Writings) there will be a poem, probably someone else’s ‘cause I did an original one last week. And on Random Thoughts I’ll be doing another flash piece, prompted by a picture.

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