Feb 24, 2014

Mechanomorphic Monday

mechanomorphic ~ having the form of a machine

Last week . . . sigh . . . let's just say I'm not unhappy that last week is behind me now. It was not a good week.

While the week before was a mixture of productive and non-productive days, last week was pretty much non-productive. This happens with me from time to time, especially in the winter time. There's not much I can do about it except ride it out and hope it passes quickly. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. *shrugs* Que sera sera.

So . . . instead of dwelling on what I didn't get done, I think I'd rather focus on what I did get done.

I finished adding in the extra set of stripes on the kid's afghan, and have started the border. I have two rows done on the border so far and I'll probably keep going until I run out of yarn. The afghan itself is in shades of brown and the border is a variegated brown. Now that I'm doing a straight, half double stitch I'm finding working on it very soothing.

The chapter of Earth was late again, but it did get written, so that's a plus in my favour. I was actually tempted to give it a pass last week, but once I got going it went fairly quickly. This week should be a little easier 'cause Zephryn and Chloe really need to have a talk. :-)

Saturday I started reading over Lucky Dog, which is my NaNo novel from two years ago and also the sequel to Magical Misfire. From what I've read so far it's not in too bad of shape. I just need to sand off a few rough edges before I can start adding to it.

Also on Saturday, I created a new blog wherein I will be discussing my current writing projects. If you check the tabs at the top of the page, you'll find it listed as My Writing. The problem with the Current Projects page was that it was, well, a page. Updating came down to two choices: one, I could copy over what was already there to keep it current, thus losing prior information; or two, I could just keep adding updates at the top, which would make for an incredibly long page.

So instead I made a whole, separate blog which will be updated sporadically with news about what I'm working on (writing wise). And I'll warn you right now, I probably won't be updating it more than once a week. Unless of course the writing starts going really well, but don't hold your breath. ;-)

Yesterday I took the day off from the internet. I checked my email in the morning and got this post done late at night, and in between times I crocheted, replaced a zipper in a jacket for my son-in-law, and read a little.

This week I have a couple more sewing projects to complete, some mailing to do, Wednesday I have to take the kid to a job interview in Oakville (feel free to feel sorry for me - this involves driving through Toronto during rush hour), and oh, yeah, lots of writing and editing. :-)

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