Oct 3, 2014

What I'm Reading

Wow. Honestly, I'm starting to think I should discontinue this segment of my blog. Or make it a monthly feature or something. I didn't even have the excuse of stuff taking me away from home last week. I just plain didn't get a lot of reading time in. Didn't buy any books either. LOL

Electronic Books

Nope. George's battery was all charged up and there he sat, looking at me accusingly from atop a pile of books on my desk. It's almost enough to make me start riding the stationary bike again, just to get some reading time in. Almost. ;-)

Tree Books

No progress to report in Eyes Like Leaves, by Charles de Lint. I want to get back to it, I really do. I just . . . didn't.

One of the few books I did manage to read some in was The Anthology of Love and Romance, edited by Kate Alexander. It sits on the dining room table and I work away at it during breakfast. Just one or two stories a day, but I've still manage to pass the halfway point. Did I mention it's a big book?


I'm still plugging away with Swords Against Darkness V, edited by Andrew Offutt, as well but it's been slow going. I'm about two thirds of the way through this one, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Sometimes a girl just needs a little thud and blunder in her life. ;-)

And that's pretty much it for the reading last week. I honestly don't know if next week will be any better, but one can only hope.

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