Nov 24, 2014

Magniloquent Monday

magniloquent ~ speaking in a grand or pompous style

I must be making progress, not only did I get all of my blog posts written last week, I got them posted on time as well. :-)

Well so much for our snow. There was just enough on the ground for a couple of days to call it winter, then it melted away. The temperature began to rise and we've had rain the last few days. Today it's supposed to go up to 12 C (that's 54 F for you Yankees). No wonder everyone's coming down with colds and flu.

We've also got a wind warning in effect. Remember that wind I talked about Wednesday? To my great dismay it toasted my heavy duty glass wind chimes I had outside. These chimes survived last year's ice storm as well as a whole summer full of wind. Now all that's left is fragments hanging from their shepherd's crook.

I'm finally caught up on my NaNo, at least I was last night as I wrote this post. By the time you're reading this I'll be behind by a few hundred words again, but that's usually the way it goes with NaNo.

I had big plans on the weekend to write until my fingers fell off, but got sidetracked by an extreme attack of tiredness on Friday. So although I got 5,000 words done on Saturday, and almost 2,000 words on Sunday, I got 0 words on Friday, which left me about 3,000 words short of my three-day goal of 10,000 words.

Oh, well. 7,000 words is still nothing to sneeze at, and maybe I can hang onto a little of that determination for the week ahead.

The new baby set I'm working on for my future granddaughter is working up much quicker than I expected so there's hope I'll have it done for the weekend. There's four pieces to it and I'm almost finished the second piece. I started with the hat, which was the most difficult of the four and it's pretty darned cute, if I do say so myself. I wish I could post a picture of it, but I have to wait until after the daughter's baby shower so I don't spoil the surprise. :-)

As I'm sure I mentioned last weekend, I'm throwing a baby shower for my daughter on the weekend, so along with NaNoing and blog posts, I'm also going to have to find time to do a little cleaning up around here. Not everyone enjoys dust bunnies the way I do.

Go figure, eh? ;-)

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